• 5 Ways to Boost Your Social Media Buzz

    5 Ways to Boost Your Social Media Buzz

    Are you posting diligently to social media but not getting anything in response? Is no one commenting, liking, and sharing your social media posts? What you may be missing is a little social buzz!

    In today’s episode, I’m talking all about how to get more engagement on your social media posts. It’s more than posting and running. It involves understanding your current engagement rate, trying something new like a game or contest, finding out if you’re saying the right things to encourage engagement, learning to be responsive, and more!


  • How to Showcase your Expertise on Social Media

    If you’re struggling with showcasing your authority on social media, this episode of the Savvy Social Podcast is for you!

    In this episode, Andréa Jones shows you how to build your expertise online through providing value and building connections. Having authority in your industry is important because setting yourself up as a leader or a expert in your field allows you to strut your stuff. People buy from people they like and trust. In positioning yourself as an expert, you’re allowing your audience, your fans, and your potential buyers to trust you.


  • Client Showcase: How to Launch on Pinterest with Color Monarch

    If you’re wondering how to use Pinterest as a tool to grow your business, this post is for you. 

    In the last client showcase, I talked about how Instagram was one of my all time favorite social media platforms to play on. And while that’s true, Pinterest is a very close second. 

    It’s such a powerful tool not only for building a community, but also to increase web traffic, as you’ll see with this client showcase featuring my client Color Monarch. 

    Let’s get into it! 


  • How to Add Quizzes into Your Social Media Strategy

    How to Add Quizzes into Your Social Media Strategy

    Quizzes are engaging, easy to set up, and offer you insights into who’s on your blog. They’re a total win-win for your readers and for you. If you’re looking to bring the engagement to your posts, I’d suggest you start by adding in some of the easiest and most fun pieces of interactive content around: quizzes!


  • 7 Steps to Creating a Social Media Content System

    7 Steps to Creating a Social Media Content System

    Content marketing is more than just a buzzword: it’s a system designed to bring value to your customers and customers to your business. But like all relationships, it’s based on time and effort, and you can’t expect a useful content marketing system without putting a little polish and elbow grease in first.

    Content is often the first impression a potential customer has of your brand, so you really want to be presenting your brand in its best and most useful light all times.

    Learn how to create a social media content system that looks great and showcases your brand without too much effort on your end.


  • Client Showcase: End of Year Review [2017]

    This year was a fantastic year of growth for the business. Honestly, I’m so proud of how far I’ve come and what I’ve accomplished. Despite the constant changes on social, my team and I managed to help our clients have some rather impressive results. Here are the top three clients (that have been with us […]


  • Client Showcase: Instagram Growth with Bark ‘n Yapp

    My all time favorite social media platform of 2017 was Instagram! With the rise of Instagram stories, sharing multiple images in one post, following hashtags, and a weighted feeds, this was also the year of changes on Instagram. To battle those changes, some strategies that I’ve been implementing for my clients had to change as […]


  • 8 Common Misconceptions about Content Marketing

    8 Common Misconceptions about Content Marketing

    As a backbone of many online businesses, content marketing has established itself as an industry favorite topic. While many are talking about the beauty of content marketing, some of you may be confused about how this popular buzzword will work for your brand. Simply put, content marketing is creating and maintaining a two-way conversation with your target market. It’s building relationships based on a well-thought-out strategy in which you give free and valuable information to your audience.