8 Ways Local Business Benefits from Email Marketing 

As someone who’s passionate about the power of marketing tools for small businesses, in today’s post, I’m going to break down some of the reasons you should be capitalizing on the power of email marketing for your business!

Ready to dive in? Here are some no nonsense, practical reasons why email lists are worth your time.

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How to Use Word-of-Mouth Marketing on Social Media

Word of mouth has huge potential for marketing your products, but it can be a difficult science to master. You have to strike a careful balance between encouraging your customers to share your business without coming across as pushy, and all the while doing it with the use of social media for maximum broadcasting effect.

Need some help? Read on for these top tips on using social media for word of mouth marketing!

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A Brief Guide to Instagram for Local Business

Instagram is relatively new to the social media scene, but we’ve noticed that many small businesses don’t give it the effort that it deserves because they’re not quite sure where to start. Instagram is the fourth most download app in America, and it has over 500 million active users, so it’s well worth trying, even […]

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