Attention passion-led, online business owners: If you’re looking for…

…personal & professional growth…


…& to make a difference in professional lives in 2022…

…then LinkedIn is the platform for YOU. With nearly 800 million members, opportunities abound. Leverage them with these 7 trends.

In this episode of the podcast, I talk about:

  • How LinkedIn is differentiating itself from Facebook (hint: data…)
  • LinkedIn's AI-driven tactic for squashing cold DMs and spam bots on the platform
  • The latest LinkedIn trend for fostering engagement
  • Which LinkedIn features to leverage for your business in 2022
  • What you need to know about LinkedIn's creator mode (& how to get featured on it)
  • Your ticket to posting on the once-exclusive LinkedIn Live
  • LinkedIn's NEWEST feature & the best way to get your big ideas in front of an audience

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Memorable Quotes:

  • “LinkedIn is just one marketing tool in your marketing tool belt. I'm gonna show you the LinkedIn magic, but don't feel like you have to be corralled down this pathway.”
  • “If you're looking for ways to show up on LinkedIn, it's not about blasting out your message or creating some sort of content piece. It's really about inviting people into that conversation.”
  • “With this shift to pages, I think there's gonna be a much stronger distinction between what a personal profile is and the role that plays in your business versus a page.”
  • “We talked about how LinkedIn is really focused on conversation, but they don't want fluff. Okay. They don't wanna promote the type of content that doesn't mean anything. They're really digging deeper.”
    “LinkedIn wants people to live stream because it's a more interactive form of video, and they want it to be quality.”
  • “Any user who opts into your newsletter will get a push notification at the time your newsletter goes live: they'll get an email or they'll get a notification on their mobile device that your newsletter is ready to consume.”
  • “If you wanna learn more about LinkedIn, check out our LinkedIn Jumpstart Challenge. People love it! We dive into optimizing your profile. We talk about sending out posts. We talk about actually connecting with people on a deeper level. And this is all for free. I also have some super sweet bonuses for you.”

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