YouTube is 🔥 y'all! How do I know?

✔ It’s been instrumental in building my reputation as a social media expert.
✔ It’s helped me attract loyal fans & NEW clients.
✔ It’s even where I met my husband!

How can you put video to work for your business (& personal life!) on the platform, too? YouTube expert Trena Little reveals her strategy in this week’s episode. So listen up!

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Trena's sage advice for getting started with YouTube
  • How Trena first discovered the “most powerful marketing” she'd ever seen on YouTube
  • Why you shouldn’t feel bad if you’re not a natural vlogger
  • Should you have separate channels for talking about your personal life & biz?
  • Where to send viewers: your website or your other videos?
  • The #1 thing you need to perfect in order for your video to be successful
  • The factor that determines how long your video should be
  • Where the “golden number rule” of 10 minutes came from
  • What Trena's “Firework Approach” is & how can you use it to make YouTube (& your biz) happy
  • Trena's trick for juggling raising two small kids, running two businesses, and crushing it on YouTube
  • Unpacking “watch through” & how to measure your audience retention
  • Trena's exact-numbers formula for getting your video to GO VIRAL
  • Her surprising tip for repurposing your YouTube videos into Reels
  • Where to promote first: Instagram Video or YouTube
    …and more!

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Memorable Quotes:

  • “When I started, I thought I'm gonna do what she did. I'm gonna be a mommy vlogger — not my zone of genius. On a recent YouTube video, I shared a clip from one of my very first vlogs I did with my daughter. And I was not the person that was gonna vlog out in public, going to Target and talking to my camera.” – Trena Little
  • “If they don't watch, the algorithms are gonna say, ‘there's something wrong with this video. Why aren't people interested in it?’ And then it's not learning what type of person wants to watch your content?” – Trena Little
  • “Y'all when I started on YouTube in 2007, I was just using the iMovie that came with my MacBook, and that tool can do a lot. So you don't have to get super fancy with it. And honestly, those fancy tools — there's this steep learning curve that may deter you from actually doing it.” – Andréa Jones
  • “I really recommend trying to minimize sending them off of the platform, but doing it in a strategic way. So it helps you grow on YouTube since you reach more people — potentially more leads — but also make your business happy as well.” – Trena Little
  • “If you can't get people to click on that, it doesn't matter how good your content is — how professionally edited it is; if you have the best camera in the world. If you can't get people to click on that video, they're never gonna see it.” – Trena Little
  • “I love geeking out about the numbers because it's so easy to get caught up in the fancy editing or what is the background gonna look like? But ultimately those are the numbers to track, and you don't really need all that stuff to go far.” – Andréa Jones
  • “I like to call it a ‘video game plan’ instead of a script because I don't want you reading word for word from a script. That's a whole ‘nother issue.” – Trena Little
  • “So you really wanna think about that? Like, can I commit a day and a half — maybe two days — a month for this content that’s going to live forever?” – Trena Little
  • “I love trying to repurpose it as much as possible. And after working with [Andréa] for a while, I started to really see social media in a different light.” – Trena Little
  • “This call back to simplicity is really trending right now because it feels like there are a lot of options to try on social media. And then even with a platform like Instagram, it's like 10 platforms in one.” — Andréa Jones

About the Guest:

As a YouTube strategist, Trena, who has a Master’s Degree in Business, helps online business owners develop a YouTube strategy that allows them to scale their business by driving more traffic to their offers with the right videos! She creates YouTube videos that work for her 24 hours a day 7 days a week, so she doesn’t have to!


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