Marketing Strategy Session

Strategy sessions are broken down into three sections.

The first is a deep dive into understanding your goals and wants. The second section is figuring out where you are starting and what you can commit to your overall marketing in terms of time and monetary investment. And the third section helps you outline exactly what you need to do on each day, week, month, and quarter to get closer to your goals.

The Coaching Package includes the following:

 Weekly – 1 hour coaching sessions
 Unlimited access to my inbox
 20% off courses and products

Marketing Strategy Sessions

Andréa is personally engaging, as well as being very knowledgeable on her subject matter. She keeps up to date at her end with the latest apps and SM trends. After 4 x 1-hour sessions with her, I feel a whole lot more comfortable managing and tracking my own social media now, which I didn’t previously. As a fine art photographer in today’s world of billions of images, it’s no longer a viable business model to just take pictures. I have to know how to market, build and retain my audiences, and Andréa provided me with solid information, and some take away documents to track my progress in this side of the marketing.

If I learned nothing else from 15 years of being around CEOs of the worlds’ largest corporations, it was: surround yourself with experts. Andréa definitely falls in that class, and I have no hesitation recommending her services to others.

Lori Ryerson,