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Social Media

 Dive into our curated collection of social media resources designed for the mindful marketer. Whether you're a working parent posting memes between meal times, a business owner seeking impactful connections without the constant buzz, or simply looking to navigate the social media sphere with a more thoughtful approach, we've got you covered. Discover tools that not only boost your online presence but ensure it's a reflection of your internal values. 

Dive into this guide and discover the platform that truly amplifies your brand's voice, vision, and profits!

Wondering how to turn strangers into card carrying loyal fans? In this free class, we’re exploring the elements of a social media sales funnel for products and services.

Ditch the digital overload and refresh your social media habits with this 5 day free challenge.

Strengthen your marketing by strengthening your mindset with this free guide.

Start connecting with your audience and building authority by going live.

Download this free resource so that your next launch can go off without a hitch! Inside, you'll find a launch tool kit, pre- and post- launch planning questions, and a FULL 24 day social media launch outline.

Jazz up your social media feed with easy-to-create (and easy-to-reuse) custom b-roll videos!
Are you tired of the weekly last-minute scramble for fresh & engaging content? Ditch the stress and step into endless inspiration with 365 Content Ideas!
The Feed Private Podcast is for business owners who want to go deep into the weeds of social media without feeling (or getting) lost.
Your source for the latest and greatest social media trends. Join us to get everything you need to stay current with what's hot on social media today.

Transform your LinkedIn presence as you master the art of content creation, build deep connections, and elevate your authority in your field. 

Access exclusive insights, find your supportive community, and harness the power of LinkedIn to grow your business.

Crafted from proven social media strategies, grab the bundle that equips you with the tools to help you create captivating content, launch your products with impact, and unleash the full potential of your business on social media.

Your all-access guide to breathing new life into your Instagram presence.

It’s like having a personal Instagram strategist walk you through an Instagram experience with less “have to dos” and more aligned with what you want to do!

Unlock the full potential of video marketing with Video Savvy. From mastering video recording basics to optimizing YouTube channels and exploring live streaming tactics across various platforms, this course equips you with the skills needed to elevate your brand's online presence. 

Content Marketing

Welcome to our Content Marketing Essentials, where strategy blends with creativity to elevate your message. Our resources are tailored to guide you through organizing your ideas, engaging your audience, and streamlining your content creation process. Discover the power of effective content marketing, and take your digital footprint to new heights.

The Digital Brain PowerPack transforms your exhaustive content creation efforts into a perpetual content machine, allowing you to elegantly repurpose your podcasts, videos, and blog posts from a centralized digital content vault, eliminating the need to start from scratch when it comes to content creation. 

AirTable Like a Boss offers a refreshing escape from the overwhelm of never-ending to-do lists and the emotional drain of over-planning, promising a strategic approach to project management that aligns daily tasks with overarching goals. 

Go Behind-the-Mic in this podcasting course offering a no-frills look at how I grew my podast from zero to 10,000 listeners. I won't overwhelm you with tech details rather focusing on actionable strategies for consistent content, authority building, and audience connection.


Explore our Social Media Template Bundles, your go-to toolkit designed to streamline your content creation and elevate your online presence. Each bundle offers a wide range of customizable templates, allowing you to consistently connect with your audience while staying true to your brand’s voice. 

Our Canva-compatible Instagram templates are perfect for anyone who wants to save time and effort using the Instagram-as-a-website strategy, while still creating visually appealing and professional-looking posts.
The Course Creator Bundle is the game-changing solution that will help you feel like you have an entire team of expert content creators, even if you’re working all by yourself.
Save yourself hundreds of hours of design time (or hundreds of dollars paying a professional designer) with our game-changing Canva templates.

Business Growth
for Social Media Pros

Introducing our Business Growth Tools for Social Media Pros, a dynamic suite of resources meticulously crafted to catapult your marketing business into its next phase of success. I understand the balance between pushing the boundaries of profitability and maintaining your personal boundaries. That's why our collection is designed not just to enhance your social media prowess but to ensure you grow your business on your terms. 

See the exact process for raising your rates I perfected on my growth journey from freelancer to agency owner in this FREE, 3-part, audio training.

Ever wondered about the nitty-gritty of a social media agency? In this private podcast, I share my unfiltered business updates, warts-and-all. From the creation of a $72K campaign to the challenges of recruitment and even maternity leave insights – this former mentorship-only resource is now available for your earbuds.
The Aligned Offers Bootcamp is an on-demand workshop tailored for online business professionals, especially Social Media Strategists and Digital Marketers, aiming to create a unique selling proposition. This bootcamp focuses on helping participants clarify, design, and launch their one-of-a-kind offers. It addresses concerns like lacking a distinct offering, fear of client attrition, and stagnation in business growth.

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Outsource Your Social Media

Imagine your vision meeting the expertise of our dream team of strategists and implementors. Say goodbye to the endless cycle of content planning, creation, and engagement, and hello to a meticulously crafted strategy executed by professionals dedicated to amplifying your brand's voice across platforms.

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Savvy Social School PRO offers a transformative mentorship for social media and digital marketing professionals, combining expert-level support, community engagement, and hands-on guidance to help you scale your business profitably without compromising your boundaries, all from an agency owner dedicated to your growth.

Savvy Social Retreat

Savvy Social Retreat

Escape the hustle and rediscover your passion at the Savvy Social Retreat, an exclusive getaway for visionary business leaders. This intimate retreat offers you a chance to refocus, connect deeply with like-minded professionals, and engage in meaningful work that transcends the daily grind. Dive into discussions that matter, forge game-changing connections, and give yourself the space to think bigger—without the distractions. Missed this year? Join our waitlist for an unforgettable experience in 2025, where deep work and deeper connections await at the Savvy Social Retreat.
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