Crafting Connections, Not Just Clicks

Social Media as a Platform for Real Community

You know your marketing ABCs, but let's chat about spicing up your social media game without turning it into a 24/7 grind fest.

Welcome to the corner of the internet where smart social media strategies blend with your unique style so that your marketing mirrors your business's core values, not just the latest trends.

Let's build a community that sticks around for more than just freebies.


with this free, 5 day challenge

Ever feel like you're just spinning in the digital merry-go-round, forgetting why you hopped on in the first place? Let's tap that pause button, shall we? Ready to refresh your social media relationship?

Client Case Study

Turning Our Clients Into Industry Heavyweights

After the disappointing results of working with other agencies and tempted to keep social media in-house, The Life Coach School took one last chance with OnlineDrea. After increasing their Instagram following by more than 30K+ and adding almost 10k YouTube subscribers, The Life Coach School was relieved to know they made the right choice. Check out how our light-on-your-feet social media strategies completely changed their minds about outsourcing their social media.

Meet Your Social Media Mentor

Hey Friends, I’m Andréa

Growing a values-driven brand is no easy task. I’ve been building mine for over a decade now, so I get it. 

I know you’re still super motivated about the growth potential of your business, but it’s been frustrating feeling like you have to push what you love aside to do something you feel forced to do. In your case, social media. But that’s why our partnership is perfect.

Social media is my job. It’s how I grew my brand, my clients’ brands, and how I plan to help you grow yours too.

We both know social media will always be hard work, but the work is always worth it when you don’t have to do all the heavylifting on your own.

Let me completely shift your relationship with social media, as we put in the perfect blend of science + creative strategies that will help you become a heavyweight in your industry–being known for what you love by the people you love to serve!

Featured in:

Ready To Let Your Personality Shine on Social?

In a world where social media strategists deliver cookie-cutter strategies, produce copy & paste client caricatures, and spend too much time convincing their reluctant clients & students that social media is “fun” when they should be focused on increasing engagement with data-backed strategies – we do things differently.

Done-For-You marketing Management

Put your unique voice and personality in the hands of a creative team that delivers customized content creation reinforced with the data-backed strategies that let you operate in your expertise while we do the heavy lifting

The mentorship

Savvy Social School PRO offers a transformative mentorship for social media and digital marketing professionals, combining expert-level support, community engagement, and hands-on guidance to help you scale your business profitably without compromising your boundaries, all from an agency owner dedicated to your growth.

The Everything Page

Searching for a specific product that a friend told you about or looking for a quick win? You don’t need to spend hours hopping from page to page. Get immediate access to ALL of our freebies and paid offers, ALL in one place. 

What Clients Say

"Everyone on the team is a true delight!"

“We have been working with Drea and her team for over 6 months. We engaged their services to help us hone our overall marketing strategy as we transitioned our business from B2C to B2B. They revamped our social media messaging as well as developed engaging and fun video content. With the team’s support, we created and launched our first lead magnet (Breakup with Burnout) which expanded our reach. Everyone on the team is a true delight to work with. Professional, responsive and conscientious.”
Sheila Storrer, LICSW, PCC Social Media & Education Director at LUMO
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