Hi! I'm Andréa Jones!

The creator and social media strategist at OnlineDrea.com

I help businesses create an impact beyond their brand through authentic social media marketing strategies that focus on building a community of real and engaged followers.

Outside of serving my full service clients, I love teaching what I know on the Savvy Social Podcast and at the Savvy Social School

Social media should be fun and my mission is to reduce that overwhelming feeling and build a strategy that works for you.

You can find my upcoming speaking opportunities here and my past media opportunities here.

The Team

We are stronger together.

Lianne Fernandez

Account manager

Katy Fann

Account Manager

Diodi van der Berg

Account Manager

Jemmie Alofoje

Social Media Assistant

Julie O'Hara

Ads Consultant

Amanda Schoolfield

Graphic designer

we value


We value honesty above all else as it is vital to our success. If a client isn’t a good fit, we tell them so. We don’t promise a certain number of sales/followers/engagement and believe doing so is dishonest. When mistakes happen, we take responsibility and work hard to make things right.


We go above and beyond for our clients and members. We believe in striving for 110%. Delivering an amazing service is the key to continuing to grow our business.


We LOVE what we do. We love creating and playing on the internet. We love our clients. We love our members. And we’re genuinely excited to help them succeed. The only reason we exist is because of them and we are so grateful for that. 


 We love showing up to work with a positive outlook and compassion for our team, our clients, and our members.