Obsessed with marketing. Even more obsessed with helping you win big on social media.

Social media was meant to be fun, not a chore. A smart way to grow a business, not a marketing strategy that takes over your life and burns you out. You don’t work for social media (even though it can feel like it), so let me show you how to make social media work for you.

Hey, I’m Andréa Jones.

As a Wife/Mother/CEO/Mentor/Teacher/LoverofRuPaul’sDragRace, I go hard for who I love and what I love to do.

Whether it’s my family, my team, or my clients, (or my favorite queen) I give them the best of me, so I can help draw out the best in them.

This is why brands with bold personalities love working with us and why I wake up every morning motivated to make every day someone’s best day.


A love for marketing doesn’t end with me. My team’s passion is social media, too (we have some real social fanatics on our squad, and I love it!), and we want to use that love to help passionate personality-driven brands reach their full potential using the awesome power of social media–even if you don’t love it as much as we do!

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A New Social Media Experience

Are you ready to become an industry heavyweight without all the heavy lifting that usually comes with managing your social media?

You’ve been doing the work yourself and to some pretty stellar results! But you reached a point where you just don’t have the time, energy, or know-how to be an expert in your field and an expert social media marketer. If this is your story and you’re motivated to learn how you can get your bold message, services, & products to a wider audience, you’re just my type of people.

In a world where so many social media strategists create copy & paste caricatures of their clients or try to convince reluctant students that social is awesome, we take a different approach. We speak directly to folks like you, who already dig in and do good work on their chosen platform, but now you’re looking for something better. Something sustainable. Something that remains authentic to who you are while not forcing you to spend extra time away from what you actually love to do in your business.

That’s for my amazing team to do! 

Your Savvy Social Media Squad

Meet the Team


Operations Manager


Social Media Manager

LéKeisha Lopez
LéKeisha Lopez

Social Media Manager


Paid Ads


Podcast & Admin Assistant


Graphic Designer

Mandi, Web Developer

Web Developer


Video Editor





Our Core Values

As a global team of diverse creatives, our five core values are a direct reflection of what we stand for as individuals and as a team.

Proactive Excellence. Fierce Integrity. Passionate Commitment. Positive Communication. Spirit of Collaboration.

Together, these five principles guide every conversation, every commitment, every creation, and every decision on which clients are right for us.

What We Don’t Value

While we love serving brands with bold personalities and opinions, we do draw a line. We don’t cater to anyone who engages in active, deliberate intolerance and isn’t willing to listen and have their views challenged. We promote brave & inclusive spaces, and if that doesn’t align, then it’s a bold sign that we aren’t the right fit. 

And because we are a social media agency, if you have a complete disdain for social media and just want to hand everything over and expect to be a ghost client, that’s not how we operate. We do have a unique lightweight approach to turning our clients into industry heavyweights, but we’re your partners, so that does mean some light lifting is required–by you!

Work with Us

Become an industry heavyweight without all the heavy lifting

Together we'll blend the true-to-you personality and messaging your audience already knows & loves with the data-and-science-based creative strategies that move the needle in all the right ways.

Our proven process is designed to feel like a light-on-your-feet experience so you can eliminate your social media overwhelm and start seeing the fruits of the hard work you’ve been putting in to grow your biz on social media.

What Our Clients Love About Us

“It was truly a pleasure working with the OnlineDrea team. As a small team, it was so supportive to have a group of folks dedicated to working on our social media. The team was creative, reliable, and always receptive to feedback. They worked hard to understand our industry, audience, and voice and create content that aligned with our business strategy. With them, our traffic increased from social to our website from 8% to 31%. We also experienced a 55% increase in our social reach. We highly recommend working with this team if you’re ready to grow your business.”

I'm ready to become an industry heavyweight with OnlineDrea on my team

I'm ready to learn how to rock it on social myself


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