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How Photographers Can Leverage Social Media to Grow Their Business with Kendra Swalls

Whatever industry you might be in, connections, consistency, and providing real value are key to the success of any business. Kendra Swalls talks with me about how to use Facebook groups to network with clients, her Instagram growth strategy, the power of getting personal on Instagram Stories, how photographers can use social media to connect […]

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Pros and Cons of Starting a Facebook Group

Have you noticed Facebook’s latest updates? While some of the changes are for the better, how Facebook is adapting its approach to group content comes with legit challenges. For this episode, I’m sharing Lesson 1 from Module 8 of the Savvy Social School’s new Facebook Savvy Course. I discuss important questions that’ll help you determine […]

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Episode 100 & 2 Year Birthday Celebration – On Air Q&A Session

In celebration of the 100th episode and 2 year anniversary of the Savvy Social Podcast, I’m excited to answer questions from my different social media platforms and members of the Savvy Social School. Even better, this episode is a video podcast and has a worksheet that follows all the questions about pivoting your business, marketing, how to show up on social media, and lots more. Cheers! 

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