The one thing LinkedIn has that no other platform does? Your list of qualified leads.

All you have to do?

Start the conversation—well, after you filter and find them, of course, and LinkedIn Whisperer Brynne Tillman shares her proven strategy for selling on the platform (without being sales-y) on the show.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The BIGGEST problem with cold selling LinkedIn solves.
  • #1 advantage LinkedIn has over ALL other social platforms.
  • Brynne's strategy for guarding your network from spammers.
  • What is an “Ideal Client Profile” and why you need one to sell on LinkedIn.
  • Her 7-step workflow for warming leads before connecting on the platform.
  • “Socially surround”—the lead warming tactic you NEED in 2022.
  • Why name dropping is your best friend as a business owner on LinkedIn.
  • 5 elements content must include to create lead and conversation opportunities.
  • Your solution to content creation overwhelm (& still getting “INTENSE ENGAGEMENT” on your posts).
  • How this coach warms leads with engagement alone.
  • The KPI that matters when social selling on LinkedIn.

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Memorable Quotes:

  • “When I saw LinkedIn decades later, I recognized that it solved my problem. I didn't have to cold call anymore.” — Brynne Tillman
  • “There is no other platform like LinkedIn. In my mind, it is the most valuable relationship-driven prospecting tool.” — Brynne Tillman
  • “I love the idea of starting that conversation and weeding out and curating your connections to keep your list more intentional, to keep your connections more intentional.” — Andréa Jones
  • “We need to slow down our outreach to speed up the outcome. We need to take things a little more purposefully.” — Brynne Tillman
  • “Referrals are the best kind of marketing. And with this strategy, you are producing more referrals—more opportunities—which is something we all want as business owners.” — Andréa Jones
  • “The first thing you have to do is recognize that most people don't care about your content, right? They just don't. And so we have to detach from what we wanna share.” — Brynne Tillman
  • “If you are not having conversations with your connections, you are doing social media marketing, not social selling.” — Brynne Tillman
  • “Polls work. I promise they're amazing for lots of reasons.” — Brynne Tillman

About the Guest:

Brynne Tillman is the LinkedIn Whisperer and CEO of Social Sales Link. For over a decade she has been teaching Entrepreneurs, sales teams and business leaders how to leverage LinkedIn for social selling.

As a former sales trainer and personal producer, Brynne adopted all of the traditional sales techniques and adapted them to the new digital world. She guides professionals to establish a thought leader and subject matter expert brand, find and engage the right targeted market, and leverage clients and networking partners for warm introductions into qualified buyers.

In addition, Brynne is the Co-host of the Making Sales Social podcast and author of The LinkedIn Sales Playbook, a Tactical Guide to Social Selling.

Making Sales Social Podcast

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