Dating in our modern swipe culture is NOT easy. But you know what’s even harder? Growing your dating coaching business with social media. If you think about the last time you shared your love troubles on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (NEVER), it’s easy to see why.

Of course, few online business owners have the time — or ninja social media marketing skills — to solve such complex problems. That’s why Lily Womble, Founder & CEO of Date Brazen, turned to OnlineDrea Inc. for help.

Keep reading to see why she’s never looked back…

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The Challenge: Social Media Guilt & Overwhelm

Guilt. It’s the last reaction you’d expect from the woman who coaches badass feminists to build dating lives that feel like an act of self-care and lead to extraordinary love. But that’s how Lily felt about social media.

Now, if you’re an online business owner, you can probably relate to consistently working WITHOUT any breaks. It’s the fast track to burnout and overwhelm, and that’s exactly where she ended up.

Bringing on support only made it worse. The virtual assistant Lily hired wasn’t an expert in social media marketing, so she basically had to train her from scratch. Tall order when it’s not your zone of genius!

The worst part was the guilt. Because Lily knew she needed to be putting herself out there on social media. Every. Single. Day. And she just wasn’t getting it done.

The Goal: Say Goodbye to Being “Chief Officer of Doing Everything”

Lily wanted to take social media completely off her plate, so she could get her message out, WITHOUT having to worry about writing all the posts and captions every time she shot a video.

But could anyone else maintain her authenticity online?

Make her posts as juicy and sparkly?

And do it all consistently, so as not to break the trust she’d built with her audience by posting free advice and tools daily?


The Solution: Authentic Branding & Better Metrics

Communication was the cornerstone of our partnership with Lily from the start. We made sure she could reach us easily through the Voxer voice messaging app and sent her weekly ideation briefs to ensure we took her online presence in the right direction.

Then we set about building her strategy for authentic branding and better success metrics.

Built Brand Guidelines

Our first step was to deliver an authentic, consistent brand voice and aesthetic across all channels. To accomplish this, we:

✔ Identified phrases Lily loves to use with our patented “Copy Stalking” technique and built a brand voice guide around this qualitative data.

✔ Analyzed all platforms to determine the best fit for Lily’s solution: Instagram.

✔ Conducted client and competitive research to construct a style guide, with which we mocked up her ideal Instagram account.

Devised a Content Remixing Strategy

Next, we devised a strategy for getting more mileage out Lily’s existing content and ideas:

✔ Mined Lily’s podcasts and emails for ideas and content inspiration.

✔ Experimented with different styles of posts and graphics to uncover the most effective formats.

✔ Planned and executed visual and written content based on our findings.

Rethought How to Measure Social Media Success

By now, you’re probably wondering about Lily’s original predicament: people don’t share their dating woes on social media. Here’s how we addressed this issue:

✔ Determined follows and comments aren’t the best metric for this industry.

✔ Uncovered the metrics that matter: reach and impressions.

✔ Pinpointed top performing posts by counting shares and saves.

The Results: Peace of Mind & Business Growth for Busy CEO

With our help, Lily accelerated her business growth:

✔ Higher engagement than ever before.

✔ Greater sales (at a higher price!).

✔ More perfect-fit clients.

Beyond the metrics… her job got easier. She could FINALLY level up as the CEO of her company (with the peace of mind her social media was handled). And best of all? She watched her mission and values articulated to “the world in ways better” than she could accomplish on her own.

In the Client's Own Words

“If you want a team who is living their values and will help you to amplify your impact and message into the world, then OnlineDrea is the best group of people to work with. They will help you level up as the CEO in your business. And all I can say is it was a great decision. I am so, so grateful for their help. And I know that I wouldn't be in this more ease-filled space as a CEO. I wouldn't be in this space where I'm more easily attracting clients and the right clients — the ideal clients — if it were not for OnlineDrea.” – Lily Womble, CEO of Date Brazen

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