You don’t have as many followers as your competitors. Your content should be getting more likes and shares. And to top it off — you’re burned out after spending 6+ hours on just one post.

Is social media the problem? Or are you making one of the top five mistakes that stall business growth on social platforms?

In this episode of the podcast, I talk about:

  • 5 lessons you need to know as you're growing your biz on social media, so you can set yourself up for success
  • Why likes and comments aren't the right metrics for some industries
  • The REAL reason I narrowed my focus to coaches, thought leaders, and online educators
  • The one shift I made to increase the success of my social media marketing
  • The hard truth behind your sluggish growth on social media
  • How being an overachiever is great for running a business but can hold you back from success on social media
  • The HUGE difference on your results between 0% and 1% effort
  • Top 2 reasons business owners are inconsistent with social media
  • Want to confuse your audience? Do this…
  • How my agency hit over $800,000 in revenue with just 7,000 Instagram followers last year

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Memorable Quotes:

  • “When we think about those metrics, that's way more valuable than a like or comment on social media.”
  • “This is something we're really working on in the Savvy Social School. We are nurturing our members and really helping them take action. But a lot of it comes from looking at a giant, thousand-puzzle-piece board and thinking you have to do all of it in the next 30 minutes — instead of saying, ‘I'm just gonna put a few pieces on today. I'll come back to it tomorrow.’”
  • “Thinking about what metrics you're looking at will help you make changes to your social media strategy that will help you see the growth you're seeking.”
  • “Speaking to the right audience is so important. And when you're not speaking to the right audience on social media, you are costing yourself growth.”
  • “You can drastically improve your life by focusing on just changing it by 1%. And the same is true for social media. Instead of looking at the entire social media strategy, you wanna just look at how can you add 1% today?”
  • “One of the most beneficial things for my business is that I've been consistently focused on social media since 2014. People know me for social media. Now, they may think of social media for podcasts or social media for coaches. I can still help them. I can point them in the right direction, ‘cuz it's all social media. And that's what I wanna be known for. That's what I want this company to be known for.”
  • “My mom recently started a travel business. She's been in it for a year and a half and is just now getting the social media piece together. And it’s blossoming because she has clients already. She has clients. She has bookings. She has things coming in. She didn't need the whole kit and caboodle until now. Now that things are growing, she wants to amplify that.”

Resources Mentioned:

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