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How to Use Voice Technology in Your Marketing with Dr. Teri Fisher

Isn’t it interesting how we use voice technology in our everyday lives? Just the other day, I asked Siri how to spell something. I also use her to set timers, reminders, and for some absolutely silly stuff as well.

With the ease of simply asking our tech devices to do something, is there a way use this technology as a marketing tool?

In this episode, I dive in with the leading voice technology expert Dr. Teri Fisher.

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How to Prepare Your Social Media for the Holidays

The holidays are oftentimes a huge sales driver for most businesses, no matter the size. But where do you begin when it comes to successfully driving web traffic and gaining sales during this fruitful season?

In this podcast episode, I detail how you can effectively create a social media marketing campaign for any holiday.

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How to Attract Clients Using Facebook and Instagram Ads with Dayhanna Acosta

Our businesses thrive on clients. The survival and success of our ventures are built on establishing, maintaining, and growing a customer base that loves what you do, buys from you, and shares your offerings with a friend.

In today’s episode, I sat down with Dayhanna Acosta, a client attraction specialist, to talk about how to attract the right people to your business using Facebook and Instagram ads.

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