Big brands are quitting social media. Should you?

Not if you ask Rik Courtney, Founder and CEO of the award-winning social media marketing and communications agency, Be More Social. He admits social media has a problem & shares what you should do INSTEAD of going dark.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The REAL problem with social media right now
  • Why posting consistently is only a small part of building your brand with social media
  • The reason his agency cringes when clients ask for more likes, comments, and shares
  • One metric (out of the hundreds) with which Rik gauges his clients’ online success
  • His thoughts on Lush calling social media quits (hint: bad move!)
  • What Burger King can teach you about competitive plays on social media
  • How Gen Z is shaping trends on social media (including my eyeglasses!)
  • Ask your audience THIS question if you want to create a more positive online community
  • What Duolingo's getting right with its social media strategy
  • The truth about the algorithms giving social media a bad rap

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Memorable Quotes:

  • “If I can combine my traditional background of great words — being able to touch somebody with words and imagery — with the free aspect of this social, digital broadcast, I think I've got something here… a pretty formidable formula.” — Rik Courtney
  • “Social media does work. Regardless of what anybody feels out there right now, it will feed you opportunity.” — Rik Courtney
  • “We have a saying here: ‘numbers don't lie.’ If all of a sudden there is a disconnect in the numbers, we know at what point in the strategy is broken.”— Rik Courtney
  • “It feels like a PR move at a moment in time where distrust in platforms like Facebook is growing, people are recognizing the signs of social media burnout, and consumers are starting to track how much time they're spending on the apps.” — Andréa Jones
  • “To turn off your digital presence when that experience isn't a warm and welcoming one is foolish. You should be making your digital experience as rewarding as possible to coax people to come through your doors.” — Rik Courtney
  • “This coming generation will have more tools to create content and more places to build community, so to not have your company participating in that is a huge detriment to your business.” — Andréa Jones
  • “They're not necessarily producing a ton of content, but they're being present in such a way that people feel like they are understood. They're heard. They're listened to, and they're communicated with in a way that makes sense for them.” — Andréa Jones
  • “What we need to do is take back control of our socials and engage more with people who we want to see.” — Rik Courtney

About the Guest:

Rik Courtney is the founder of Be More Social, an award-winning social media marketing and communications agency. An entrepreneur by trade, knowing everything there is to know about marketing and building a business online.

Today, he has successfully set up franchises across the country as he aims to help the 1% of the 5.9 million businesses in the UK. In a couple of years, he seeks to take Be More Social globally. In addition to this, Rik is the CEO of Be More Group, which covers industries from health and fitness, weight loss, business growth and creativity – a true reflection of Rik himself. The Be More Group offers a diverse array of accountability solutions born from the many years of experience Rik has had in business.


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