Spending hours creating fresh content for social media? Stop. Because that’s not how to grow your audience anymore.

Discover how to get better results with less content using the “Digital Brain” social media strategy in this week’s episode.

In this episode of the podcast, I talk about:

  • The algorithmic shift that's making social media easier for business owners in 2022
  • How long your Facebook lives should be to attract views and engagement (hint: not what you'd think!)
  • The surprising (& shocking) 7-hour Instagram Live that went viral
  • Why you don't need as much content to please the algorithms and people on social media this year
  • What sets TikTok apart from the rest of the social platforms (including YouTube)
  • The algorithmic shift that's making social media easier for business owners in 2022
  • The “Digital Brain” social media strategy: what is it? And how can you leverage it to STOP creating new content?

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Memorable Quotes:

  • “What we're seeing happening this year is that there is a lot of content on social media. It's noisy. It's crowded. It's uninspired. It's salesy.”
  • “This person's audience was really tuned in. They wanted that content, and they craved it. And so when we think about how to show up in the world, that high quality piece of content for him was actually easier to create than any other content.”
  • “As business owners, when we think about how we're gonna approach our content this year, we don't necessarily need tons of content —something that's labor intensive — we just need quality content.”
  • “When we think about quality content, we have to check both of those boxes.”
  • “We don't need as much content, but we need to double down on making sure our relationship building skills are sharp.”
  • “This is where our big ideas live — our concepts and our strategies. We're breaking those big ideas down into smaller posts. So when it comes to creating social media content, there are no new ideas; there is no new content.”

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