Ever laughed so hard you cried? You’ll probably never forget the joke or movie or commercial that was so funny, right?

Humor is the best marketing tool, at least if you ask Allie LeFevere, Co-Founder of the humor branding agency Obedient. Listen to this week’s episode to hear her hilarious strategy for attracting new clients on social media.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Why Allie believes traditional marketing is dead
  • The origin story behind the name of her humor-driven agency, “Obedient”
  • Your first step toward building a memorable brand (without traditional marketing)
  • Her agency's methodical, systemized approach to making brands funny
  • What her “Can They Brand That?” social media strategy is & why it's so effective at attracting clients
  • Fans vs. clients: how do you know which you're attracting on social media?
  • The flashing red sign that it's time to pivot your social media strategy
  • Ice cream, body care, golf apparel, and even funeral services—Obedient's strategy for making ANY brand funny
  • “The most delightful” (and hilarious) onboarding experience you'll ever hear about

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Memorable Quotes:

  • “It was something that we were using with all of our clients, because it could do everything from humanize a brand, make it incredibly memorable, make it very endearing, make it very warm, make it very surprising.” – Allie LeFevere
  • “I love this passion for humor. I think there are a lot of people who take themselves very seriously, and especially in the world of online marketing and digital marketing, there's such an opportunity for brands to bring humor to their branding.” – Andréa Jones
  • “There’s a shift on social media away from traditional corporate branding to showing personality. Brands that stick out these days have a big personality.” – Andréa Jones
  • “What are your goals? Is it to educate your audience? Is it to just simply entertain? Is it to engage with them in some meaningful way and draw a dialogue? Is it just to have really clever, witty observations? Is it to stay within the zeitgeist and on top of pop culture moments? Because if you try to do it all, it can feel really messy and chaotic.” – Allie LeFevere
  • “Previously, we were posting multiple times a day and drawing in and building an audience, but really building a fan base. We decided to pivot to do it less frequently. And now we draw in the right type of clients.” – Allie LeFevere
  • Some people spend hours and hours and hours of time producing content. And you've come up with a way to shortcut that process.” – Andréa Jones

About the Guest:

Obedient is funnier than you. A humor branding agency—the first of its kind—Obedient believes that standing out isn’t a matter of taste, it’s a matter of survival.

With that ethos as the wind in their, ahem, sales, they launch brands and campaigns that hook consumers in…and keep them coming back for more. And yeah, dog, they do it all: strategy, messaging, and design—online, offline, crossing the line, you name it.

Founded by Allie LeFevere and Lyndsay Rush (informally known as the bad girls of branding), Obedient believes that traditional marketing is dead, and invites brands of all sizes and at all stages to join them in dancing on its grave (in order to bring new life to their objectives).

They would never brag about their work being published in places like: The New York Times, Adweek, VICE, Vogue, Esquire, New York Magazine, and GOOP, but this is a bio, so they’ll make an exception.

In addition to their client work, they host Can They Brand That?, a brainstorming show where two elite, creative athletes play their hearts and brains out against their worthy opponent: a notable brand & a blank whiteboard and Fangasm—a comedy podcast reading the most bonkers pop-culture fanfic on the internet (Think: Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel, etc.) that was ranked top comedy podcast by Buzzfeed and Apple Podcasts.

To conclude this li’l summary with a tender moment, Obedient was formed to bring more levity, positivity, and personality to marketing…but also to the world. Awww.