Savvy Social Podcast

  • Outsourcing Your Social Media: The Preparation Phase

    In today’s episode of my three-part series on Outsourcing Your Social Media, I am discussing why it’s important to get your house in order before you invite someone new to be the caretaker of your social media property. Handing over your social media management is not an expense, it’s an investment. And to get the […]

  • Are You Quiet Quitting Your Marketing?

    The world is Quiet Quitting, and it may be time for you to jump on the bandwagon. One of the best places to add this trend to your life is in your marketing strategy. It’s time to quiet quit the hustle every day and jump on every trend style of marketing–it may even need to […]

  • How to Network on Twitter with Jeremy Enns

    Isn’t Social Media all about finding followers? If you ask my guest and founder of the Podcast Marketing Academy, Jeremy Enns, he will probably say NO! And after our conversation, I can’t help but agree. Jeremy breaks down how shifting your focus from attracting followers to building your network can be a game changer for […]

  • Grow with Video on LinkedIn with Alicia Henderson

    Video isn’t just for TikTok and Instagram Reels anymore! LinkedIn may be one of the world’s most popular social platforms, but it’s still a hidden gem because of one major reason. The untapped potential of VIDEO. Creators flood TikTok, Reels, and FB Live. But video (especially livestreaming) on LinkedIn represents an easy way for experts […]

  • Authenticity vs. Transparency on Social Media

    If the thought of sharing your ENTIRE life on social media doesn’t make you uncomfortable, then this podcast episode is NOT for you. But if you struggle with the courage to be authentic and transparent on social media because you are a super private person, not sure how to get started, or (most importantly) don’t […]