Free Yourself From The Freelancer Model

& Run Your Business Like The Thriving Social Media Specialist You Are
Get guided, expert-level support so that you can build a profitable social media business without sacrificing your boundaries.

Let this Agency Owner. Wife. New Mama x 2. And BOSS-with-a-20-Hour-Work-Week Show You How

First things first:

Forget all that get-rich-quick BS the "gurus" promise.

Getting here wasn’t easy. I didn’t jump from $5 for 10 FB posts to $3,500/month retainers overnight. I’ve been BURNED by clients. And subcontractors.

But I made it. And YOU WILL TOO.

→ Because you don’t have to be the queen of charisma to attract amaaazing clients.

→ Because you don’t need a traditional agency team model to start getting support.

→ Because you don’t have to KNOW EVERYTHING about digital marketing & social media (at least not yet) to sell your services like a PRO.

Here's the Truth:

Sometimes you CRAVE conversation with a community of business owners who just… get it.

Maybe you want to VENT about finally trying to hire yet not finding the right person.

Maybe you want a shoulder to LEAN ON when things get rough.

Maybe you want a place where you can CELEBRATE finally closing the deal that took 2 years of negotiations.

And maybe you’re craving a smaller space (not a loud Facebook group of randos) to SHARE your business journey with.

Oh and let’s not forget about having a place to chat about what’s actually WORKING in marketing (like today in 2024… not stale advice from 10 years ago).

All of these reasons and more are why I created this mentorship program.

Introducing Savvy Social School PRO

✨ A High-Touch, No-Fluff, Community Driven Membership for Social Media and Digital Marketing Professionals ✨

The Program You've Been Searching For


If you’re a social media strategist wanting to learn how to use all social media has to offer, grow your profitability, get better client results, and structure your business in a way that actually sets the stage for upscaling… then this mentorship program is for you.


The upward shift in your business is already happening. You worked too hard to watch it plateau now.

You’ve done the courses. You’ve watched the YouTube videos. You’ve listened to hours of podcasts. 

And now, you’re ready for hands-on guidance from someone currently running a similar business model and community support to continue your business growth.

Growth at this level means:

Working on your own Terms

Unchaining yourself from your notifications. Actually enjoying a vacation because you’ve got team support. And building a flexible schedule that works when life is life-ing.

Living to the Fullest

Paying yourself a consistent salary plus bonuses. Having savings in the business so that a bad month (or 3) doesn’t bankrupt you.

Leading a Team

Having support that helps you do better work. Get better client results. Create more dynamic client relationships. Grows with you.



Savvy Social School PRO is more than a course. It's a dynamic suite of resources created for taking your marketing business to the next level with hands-on guidance from someone who’s walked this road before you, giving you the accountability and support you’ve been missing.


This is a subscription product billed on a monthly basis until you cancel. Cancel anytime from the account management page.

And this isn’t a program where you see me when you sign up, and then I hand you over to my team.

I’m all yours. Every. Single. Month.

I’m diving head-first into your business with our monthly 1-1 calls. Giving you support in the Circle Community and on our monthly Live Calls where I actually show up, teach, and engage with you.

You get the real me.


Listen to what some of my mentees say about their experience working with me!

I joined [Pro] in October 2022 and spent all quarter not taking clients, just implementing everything that's in her program. Weekly calls, monthly mindsets. The people and the program are amazing because sometimes, as agency owners, we feel like we're out here going through these struggles by ourselves, and it's like, WOW, there are other people, so you don't feel so alone… Andrea is so vulnerable y'all. It's like a fly on the wall into her business. She tells you all the good, all the bad. Everything!
Kristen Colle, Taylor House Media
“I can’t praise Andréa Jones and [the Pro membership] enough. Andréa is a generous mentor, gifted teacher, and passionate cheerleader. [Pro's] meaty, useful program content has given me the tools to take my social media business to the next level with confidence. An added bonus is the collaboration that goes on within the PRO group. Andréa has nurtured a community of supportive, like-minded entrepreneurs who want to see others succeed. PRO is definitely the best investment I’ve made in my business so far.”
— Kristen Colle,
Taylor House Media
Lyndsay Clements, Ellen Grace Marketing

“Andréa shows us the behind-the-scenes of every aspect of her business, which a lot of people aren't willing to do. I knew we needed a community manager, but for six months, we were just, you know, holding on tight. (And I was wearing some of those hats too.) And then Andréa shared a job description. Within ten days, I had someone in that seat because I was able to tweak it and go. Having this program, these templates, and those tools available is a game changer for my business.”

— Lyndsay Clements,
Ellen Grace Marketing


Savvy Social PRO

🚀 Blueprint to Social Media Bossdom (a.k.a the Boss Up Course) – $1997 value
Step-by-step guidance on building a team, managing clients, tracking and reporting on results, keeping your clients happy, and seriously BOOSTING your revenue.

🚀 Mentor In Your Back Pocket – $500 value
Each month, you’ll have (virtual) face-to-face 1:1 Zoom calls. I’ll be at your side answering questions and guiding you in the exercises to help keep you on track and give you the goods on what it takes to run a thriving business.

🚀 Mastermind with other Digital Marketers – $1000 value
Go deep with our monthly Business Clarity Calls. Part coaching, part masterminding, these calls are held in our community space with the other mentees by your side. We'll chat in a roundtable-style session about what we're seeing in our businesses so we can all learn from each other.

🚀 SOS Message Me Anytime – $500 value
Ever have that moment where you wish you could just talk to someone really quickly? Use your monthly SOS to me in our app (I love a voice note) to vent, get support, share wins, and talk to a real human about what’s going on in your business.

🚀 Insider Scoop on the Best Jobs – Priceless
Weekly Leads & Listings that help find, pitch, and win your next client FASTER. You couldn’t even put a price tag on that if you wanted to!

🚀 Social Media Mastery – $97/month value
The comprehensive training on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and LinkedIn; the TechVault courses on tools like Canva and Planoly; and the thousands of “done-for-you” social media captions, graphics, and templates that made guesswork a distant memory for you. All new Pro skills right at your fingertips.

🚀 Community of Bosses Just Like You – $297 value
Every time you have a question or need feedback on a new package or proposal, just pop it into the Private community space. And a lot of days? You just hang out with your digital crew of social media bosses.

🚀 Instant Job Descriptions, Content Calendars, Email Scripts & more – $297 value
The templates & swipe files that make any project a cinch—especially after your personalized walk-through on how to use them.

That's Over $5,000 Worth of Training and Guidance!


✨✨✨ Plus These BONUSES ✨✨✨

🚀 Real World Examples – Priceless!
What does a successful sales call look like? WATCH ONE! Be the fly-on-the-wall while I close clients during the recorded sales calls included with your membership. So you know how closing $3,500 contracts is done.

🚀 Behind-the-Business Audio Series – $97 value
Dive even deeper into the lessons and experiences that drive my successful business. I go alllll the way into the details from lessons learned through growing pains to designing and executing a $72K New Client Campaign. Grab your headphones and take notes!

🚀 Level-Up On the Go – $275 value
Get Exclusive Access to the Pro Private Podcast feed so you can reinforce your BOSS mindset during your morning run. And catch what’s working (& what’s not) in the social media industry on your way to pick up your kids from school. Never miss your opportunity to THRIVE!

🚀 Because Your Mindset Is EVERYTHING in your business – $1,800 value
You have access to the Mindset Mini Course run by Mindset Coach Lana Hernandez. Learn how to go from scarcity to abundance, shiny object syndrome to passion project, imposter syndrome to superstar, and no money to more money! It all starts with your mind.

🚀 Aligned Offers Bootcamp – $197 value
Your unique ideas are high-level-offer-worthy! The Aligned Offers Bootcamp will help turn your dream ideas into a one-of-a-kind signature offer that operates on autopilot. Constantly attracting your target audience and consistently bringing in revenue, giving you the freedom to focus on building up other major areas of your business!

🚀 Create Your Social Media Dream Team – Save up to $970 per team member!
You have a thriving agency to run. You don’t have time to be the social media know-it-all too. That’s where your team comes in! For being a Savvy Social School PRO, your entire team of strategists and creatives get unlimited access to the school, so they can be the go-to experts you can rely on to help you and your clients thrive on social media!

Will You Go 2024 Alone? Or Guided & Supported?

Because the biggest thing I’ve discovered for myself in the process of growing a business is that…

Transformation takes the right guide

… one who’s been there before you, … one who’s failed enough to know how it hurts, … and one who’s successfully still running a digital marketing business themselves and going all-in on social media.

Meet your Mentor

Hi! I'm Andréa Jones

I could have started this sales page with the fact that my business brings in nearly $1 million a year (Usually between $750K and $900k to be exact)… but that’s not the important number. The fact is, I’ve been able to support my family with my business consistently and now while only working about 20 hours a week. (Shoutout to my fellow mammas)

Building a social media business doesn’t have to be confusing. It can be a very rewarding way to create a life for yourself. And what I want for you is a marketing business that gets you the freedom and financial independence you crave. This means monthly recurring revenue that is way more than I could make working a traditional job (and even more now that I’ve grown into a multi-six-figure business).

As a social media strategist, I’ve worked in the trenches doing social media work for my clients since 2014. And now, I’m pulling back the curtains and sharing how I’ve built a digital marketing business, specializing in social media.

(YES, it's very possible and I'll show you how!)

Here’s What You Can Expect To Experience When You Become A Savvy Social PRO

Happier Clients

You're delivering amazing results. Your clients give you rave reviews and unsolicited praise because they're over the moon about the work that you do.

More Money

You've got consistent payments hitting your bank account, and you're not struggling to find the next paycheck.

An Amazing Life Setup

Your weekends are dedicated to your family. You end work at 5 pm each day or even earlier–you’re the boss, so you get to choose your own hours! And you're excited for your upcoming vacation, which you earned and don't feel bad about taking time off.

Growth and Scalability

You've got the systems in place that allow you to add team members or launch courses. You're ready to grow and scale this business into something bigger than yourself. You’re ready to THRIVE!

Join The Program That Is Turning Thriving Digital Marketing Specialists Into Expert Digital Marketing BOSSES!

If you don’t love me or the program, we offer a Stress-Free, Risk-Free 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

What would life be like with life-changing results like these?

When I first joined the PRO mentorship program, I was very much in the mindset of kind of viewing myself as a freelancer. I really wanted to be an agency but even the way I was pricing myself. The way I was talking about my services were much more like a freelancer model. The PRO Mentorship helped me see why that wasn't the best approach and really helped me understand my differentiators to be able to propose my services in a way that looked more like an agency and allowed me to really position myself as an expert in the industry…I could have never gotten to this level of business without this level of support and mentorship…I am no longer a freelancer. I own a successful agency, a profitable agency because of the PRO Mentorship Program.
— Jessica Aries
Agency Owner @

“I wanted to personally reach out and let you know how amazing and impactful PRO has been for my business. I truly can't thank you enough for all of the amazing tools and resources you've been providing inside there. The help of the resources in PRO, the entire SMM side of my business was renovated. From onboarding to the client experience, and offboarding – everything became so much smoother (and easier on my end) and my clients have continuously complemented how streamlined the process of working together has been. Seriously can't thank you enough!”

- Marissa Pané,
Pané Marketing

“I’ve gotten a couple of clients from the [directory] and I really appreciate it! You guys are so awesome! I learned so much about social media marketing and running a business in general from you and the PRO program! Heck, I learned some things about me!”

- Sabrina Mapp,
Astrid Digital

Here's One More Truth About You...

If you’re still reading, then I know you.

👉 You’re not here because you’re struggling.
👉 You’re not here because you don’t know what you’re doing.
👉 You’re not here because you’re on the brink of giving up.

You’re here because you’ve dedicated your career to serving people who need you most. They are the reason you love getting up every morning and going all in.

And if you want to continue to give them your absolute best, you know you have to be at your best.

And the best of us don’t do it alone.

We have coaches, guides, and mentors who have done this before, and can help us get to where we are going faster than we can on our own.

And I’m ready to tag along on your journey and see how high your business can thrive!


SSS Pro is a Village

Where the Savvy Social School is a beautiful COMMUNITY filled with hundreds of entrepreneurs from all walks of life, my Pro mentees form a VILLAGE. 

They’re an intentionally smaller group of driven biz owners who are past the “just getting started phase” and ready to get personalized support as they do the real work of reaching and exceeding your goals.

Maintaining this village mindset–a smaller group on the same journey, with the same goals, and supporting each other each step of the way–is why I cap the number of active mentees to 25.

The smaller our numbers, the more time I have to devote to each mentee with personalized support, guidance, and inspiration to keep achieving!

Current Members

We still have a few spots for new members of our Pro village. Send me a DM on Instagram and make sure this investment is right for this stage of your business.

Get Started Now

30-Day Money-back Guarantee



This is a subscription product billed on a monthly basis until you cancel. Cancel anytime from the account management page.


A: Sorry, but no. We’re serious about curating a group program that is for business owners looking to grow and scale. Most of our members have a yearly revenue between $50K – $300K.

A: Our calls are typically on Wednesdays or Thursdays. We vary times but usually have them at 11 am or 2 pm ET.

A: We have several UK/Australia members and they enjoy the community, the call replays, and the 1-1 support.

A: Most of our members spend 12 months in the program and dedicate at least 1-2 hours a week to business growth.

Have a question about this program?

Send me a DM on Instagram at @onlinedrea

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