If you’ve been putting off launching your online program, this episode is a sign that the time is now!

I had an amazing conversation with the host of The Leveraged Practice Podcast and expert launch strategist, Stephanie Clairmont.

As a Registered Dietician, Stephanie created over 20 online programs and launched them successfully over 100 times over the last ten years. Now she helps practices find the same success by leveraging her proven strategies. Strategies that she’s now sharing with all the Savvy Social listeners.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Stephanie’s solution to doing ALL the marketing things herself
  • Why she let her RD License expire after 12 years
  • The Un-Profitable In-Person Workshop Model
  • The power of patience during a Rebrand
  • Being grateful for support
  • The challenge of slow growth
  • The value of spending money on full-time staff
  • The Watchers vs. Connectors
  • Why online programs are like snowflakes

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Memorable Quotes:

  • “I think that there's this idea sometimes that we have to do everything ourselves, and we have to figure it out ourselves as business owners. And there's so much value in hiring staff and getting coaching and getting support.” – Andréa Jones
  • “Sometimes you do need to get physical with the art and it’s so cool that you can do the creative and videos and all the things. But whenever you can and as soon as you can, I think if you can get some help, it's just going to help you feel less stressed, and it's going to get you further faster.” – Stephanie Clairmont
  • “So that's why I got into the course world pretty early and created some content around that as a dietician. And then, I grew my IBS program into a membership. I had my first baby, and I didn't want to go back to one-to-one work.” – Stephanie Clairmont
  • “I just want people to know that if you are challenged with this, it is a process. It will take time. And you have to be thoughtful about the campaign that you're running. And I also think that it helps people when you know what you're doing.” – Stephanie Clairmont
  • “Because of the fast pace of the online marketing world, because we can move quickly, have an idea today, launch it tomorrow, doesn't mean we have to or we should. And so, taking the time to plan it out, I want to say this, I want to have this position, this message, and I want to test with a small group of folks first. I think there is a huge power in that.” – Andréa Jones
  • “What we found…looking at all the insights in the reporting is that when I just say today, we're gonna talk about the different models of programs and which one's best for your practice. When I do a little 90-second chat about something, those do the best, and those get the most views.” – Stephanie Clairmont
  • “It didn't feel good to me for people to be in the DM and be me. It didn't feel good to me. [For] Some people it does, and they learn your voice, and they're in the DMs, and it's wonderful, and I'm okay with that. But for me, I was like, it's okay to have people on my team. It's okay to have someone else's name communicating with you.” – Stephanie Clairmont
  • “You do need to get to know them. You do need to see me wave my hands around and talk too fast and be like, She's not for me, or she's for me. I've had people email me and be like, I will never work with you. You talk too fast. And I was like, probably could have kept that to yourself, but thank you.” – Stephanie Clairmont

About the Guest:

Stephanie Clairmont, MHSc, is a retired Registered Dietitian, entrepreneur, founder and lead facilitator at The Leveraged Practice. She has been delivering in-person and online education since 2012 to health professionals and health clients and has been a part of national conferences, television shows and online symposiums. After creating 20+ online programs and launching (to-date) over 100+ times, she has enrolled over 5000+ students through her programs.

Stephanie is passionate about helping other health practitioners create an online program for their practice. She combines her unique expertise with the best practices and research in online education to help others leverage their experience, see more clients and make a bigger impact on the health of the world.

Social media: @theleveragedpractice

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