Savvy Social Podcast

  • Is The Social Media Algorithm Friend or Foe?

    LISTEN ON MOBILE VIEW TRANSCRIPT Mr. Al, the Social Media Algorithm is everything and a mystery all at the same time. And that can be super confusing for founders who need to get in Mr. Al’s good graces in order to grow on social media. Some days Mr. Al will be your best friend, driving […]

  • Four Social Media Experiments And The Results

    LISTEN ON MOBILE VIEW TRANSCRIPT Y’all know I love trying out new tactics and strategies on social media and reporting back to you, you know, so you don’t have to. Listen in and learn about the plan, execution, and results of my four major social media experiments of 2023 (I’m bringing the data to back […]

  • The No-Plan TikTok Strategy with Michelle Edgemont

    LISTEN ON MOBILE VIEW TRANSCRIPT From a 90-day content creation strategy to no plan at all. Either can work when you show up fully human on TikTok. My favorite social platform is getting the love it deserves from my guest, Michelle Edgemont, owner and creative director of Michelle Edgemont Design. An early Instagram adopter, in […]

  • Strategies For Keeping Your Emotions in Check on Social Media

    LISTEN ON MOBILE VIEW TRANSCRIPT Whatever happened to empathy, compassion, and positivity on social media? From angry rants, racist comments, and microaggressions to calls for boycotts and canceling each other, negative emotions ride way way way way way too high on social media. As a business owner who can’t avoid social media as a tool […]

  • Own Your KPIs Like A RuPaul Drag Race All Star

    LISTEN ON MOBILE VIEW TRANSCRIPT If reviewing your social media metrics feels like getting on a scale for a weekly weigh-in, there’s no need to be nervous or put it off until next week anymore. Yes, your social media analytics can be boring, overwhelming, and even confusing, but if the queens of RuPaul’s drag race […]

  • Is It Time To Quit Twitter?

    LISTEN ON MOBILE VIEW TRANSCRIPT Is it time for your business to give up on Twitter? That’s a question that makes sense given the wild wide ride Elon Musk is taking a platform once known as one of the greatest places on the web for community and connection. But the answer isn’t so simple. While […]

  • Instagram Broadcast Channels: Worth It For Your Business?

    LISTEN ON MOBILE VIEW TRANSCRIPT I tried out Instagram broadcast channels, so you don’t have to, and here’s what you need to know. Broadcast channels are just one of the unexpected and unrequested recent features presented by Instagram, the platform that’s constantly evolving–for better or worse. Its latest dive into the group chat-like Broadcast Channels […]

  • 2023 TikTok Updates For Businesses

    LISTEN ON MOBILE VIEW TRANSCRIPT With 3.5 billion downloads and over 150 million users every day in the US, it’s safe to say TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. TikTok’s popularity didn’t happen by chance. With its work-of-art algorithm and opportunities for anyone, even newbies, to gain popularity, […]