On this episode of The Savvy Social Podcast, I’m sharing my interview with the founder of Greatest Story Creative and host of the Branding with Friends podcast, Annie Franceschi.

This former Disney Storyteller went all-in on what works and what to avoid if you want to grow your business on LinkedIn. We talked content creation pillars and boring LinkedIn profiles, and I shared my three biggest tips for success on LinkedIn.

So if you are a coach, consultant, or service-based business owner, LinkedIn is the perfect platform to focus your social media energy on so you can find the clients and customers that will help your business thrive.

In this episode of the podcast, we talk about:

  • Why content on LinkedIn has legs
  • The FIRST thing to think about before you post on LinkedIn
  • Choosing clarity over clever
  • Treating LinkedIn like a search engine
  • Revenue vs. Reactions
  • My Big Five Social Media Content Pillars
  • Time limits for content creation

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Memorable Quotes:

  • “We’re seeing a resurgence with LinkedIn. Especially in the business space because of the negative publicity that Facebook has been getting over the past couple of years. And so we're seeing a lot of folks move from Facebook over to LinkedIn and there's a lot of perks of being on LinkedIn that Facebook didn't have. We don't really get a lot of the mixed in personal life and personal updates as we do with Facebook.” – Andréa Jones
  • “LinkedIn is that place where I felt like, yeah, this makes a lot of sense for coaches and consultants and I love it. Like, just as you said that the sort of the tone is inherently professional, it is inherently about either business or career and that's just a little bit different than all the other social media networks. So in it being different, there's clearly a strategy in mind of how you approach and show up there versus these other things.” – Annie Franceschi
  • “I think you really hit on it, which is a transformation. But you didn't leave social media strategists out and you didn't say, I am a social wizard, you know, from, the house Gryffindor. You didn't try to make it too creative. Then people would be like, well she sounds cool, but I have no idea what she does.” – Annie Franceschi
  • “One of the beautiful things about LinkedIn is you don't need as much content as some of the other platforms. Many of my clients are only posting once a week, maybe twice a week. You don't need, you know, to post every single day and have all of these content plans.” – Andréa Jones
  • “If you've decided on LinkedIn, focus on LinkedIn. You don't need to be on TikTok or Instagram or Twitter. Just focus on that one platform because you're right, it's like the pathway to burnout if you try to be everywhere. I'm everywhere because it's my job and I'm studying it, but even I find it to be overwhelming sometimes.” – Andréa Jones

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