Savvy Social Podcast

  • How to Get Discovered through SEO with Meg Casebolt

    Option 1: Spending hours on a blog that sends prospects to your website for years. Option 2: Burning hours on a Reel that disappears in 24 hours. Which would you choose? The latter, right? That’s why it’s so, so important to understand the different roles search and social media play in your sales funnel. Get […]

  • 3 Systems That Will Save Your Social Media Strategy

    Are you a free spirit? Me too! Except with social media marketing because I wouldn’t own a nearly $1-million agency, run a successful social media school, and host this top-100 marketing podcast today if… …I’d kept posting whenever “I felt like it.” That willy-nilly approach got me nowhere. And I see it stunt online business […]

  • Building Your Instagram Community with Travis Brown

    Chasing the social media gurus? Trying to be everything to everyone on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok? It’s exhausting, right? Even worse? You lose yourself along the way — and the plot. Travis Brown knows ALL about it. Because he was in the same spot before he made THIS shift & exploded on Instagram. […]

  • 5 Reasons You’re Not Seeing Growth on Social Media

    You don’t have as many followers as your competitors. Your content should be getting more likes and shares. And to top it off — you’re burned out after spending 6+ hours on just one post. Is social media the problem? Or are you making one of the top five mistakes that stall business growth on […]

  • Why “Traditional Marketing Is Dead” with Allie LeFevere

    Ever laughed so hard you cried? You’ll probably never forget the joke or movie or commercial that was so funny, right? Humor is the best marketing tool, at least if you ask Allie LeFevere, Co-Founder of the humor branding agency Obedient. Listen to this week’s episode to hear her hilarious strategy for attracting new clients […]

  • 3 Reasons to Create Less Content in 2022

    Spending hours creating fresh content for social media? Stop. Because that’s not how to grow your audience anymore. Discover how to get better results with less content using the “Digital Brain” social media strategy in this week’s episode. In this episode of the podcast, I talk about: The algorithmic shift that’s making social media easier […]

  • The Secret to Virtual Business Success with Abbey Ashley

    Tired of your stuffy office job? Your 9-5, salad-for-lunch-everyday routine? DITCH ‘EM! If anyone can show you how — it’s Abbey Ashley. She pivoted from a full-time corporate career into a booked-out virtual assistant in just 4 months (while on maternity leave!). She shares how you can too in this week’s episode. In this episode, […]

  • Social Selling on LinkedIn with Brynne Tillman

    The one thing LinkedIn has that no other platform does? Your list of qualified leads. All you have to do? Start the conversation—well, after you filter and find them, of course, and LinkedIn Whisperer Brynne Tillman shares her proven strategy for selling on the platform (without being sales-y) on the show. In this episode, we […]