Savvy Social Podcast

  • A Therapist’s Guide To Mental Wellness For Business Owners with Shulamit Ber Levtov

    LISTEN ON MOBILE VIEW TRANSCRIPT The Entrepreneur’s Therapist, Shulamit Ber Levtov, sits down in the episode to provide encouragement, strategies, and support for the unique challenges business owners face every single day. We’ll be diving deep into the negative impact that social media can have on the lives of business owners as Shulamit provides valuable […]

  • Getting My Business Ready For My Maternity Leave

    LISTEN ON MOBILE VIEW TRANSCRIPT Baby number two is on the way, which means big changes for my business. I’m mentally preparing myself for the chaos that comes with having two babies under two years old, and I have so many questions. How will my toddler handle having a sibling? Can I still deliver for […]

  • Breaking Free From Social Media Fatigue

    LISTEN ON MOBILE VIEW TRANSCRIPT Is your social media strategy sustainable? This question carries so much weight for your business and mental health, but it’s something we don’t think about or talk about enough. We’re going to change that in this episode as we break down the internal and external pressures of using social media […]

  • You Don’t Have To Post 10 Times A Day

    LISTEN ON MOBILE VIEW TRANSCRIPT Let’s talk about a myth that’s been disguising itself as social media advice: The more you post, the faster you’ll grow on social media. I’m here to tell you it’s not true. The numbers don’t support posting 10 times a day as a fast track to social media success. Can […]

  • Navigating Trendy Content As A Business Owner

    LISTEN ON MOBILE VIEW TRANSCRIPT Do you like to jump on the latest social media trends? Social media is meant to be fun and, well, social. So, the popularity and evolution of trends make so much sense. As brands, we see everyone else having fun, so why can’t we join in? Does our content have […]

  • I’m Saying Goodbye to X (formerly known as Twitter)

    LISTEN ON MOBILE VIEW TRANSCRIPT It’s official! I’m leaving X (formerly known as Twitter) behind, and I’m not looking back! Twitter has such a special place in my heart. It’s where I used to spend tons of time scrolling through the tea and topics around my interests. It’s even where I met my first business […]

  • Fixing Your Broken Social Media Sales Funnel

    LISTEN ON MOBILE VIEW TRANSCRIPT From attracting the right audience to building connections and converting leads, it all starts with your social media sales funnel. Whether intentional or not, everybody has a funnel on social media—it’s just that some work a lot better than others. So, to make sure your funnel is doing exactly what […]

  • The Ultimate Content Repurposing Hack

    LISTEN ON MOBILE VIEW TRANSCRIPT The days of copying and pasting content from one platform to another are long gone. If this is true (and trust me, the results don’t lie), with platform algorithms getting more sophisticated and audiences’ attention spans getting smaller, how do you get the most out of the content you spent […]