Savvy Social Podcast

  • What Happens After You Go Viral with Dr. Julia Colangelo

    LISTEN ON MOBILE VIEW TRANSCRIPT Is going viral and instantly gaining tens of thousands of followers your goal? If so, my guest, Dr. Julia Colangelo, professor at Columbia University and founder of Hello Flow, might change your mind. After going viral on Instagram, Dr. Colangelo saw the dark side of social media, and it became […]

  • How To Use The Instagram Algorithm To Your Advantage

    LISTEN ON MOBILE VIEW TRANSCRIPT One of the biggest challenges founders face when using Instagram is all the options. It’s super confusing and overwhelming when you’re trying to decide if you should focus on Reels, Carousels, Stories, Threads, and allllll the other options. After diving into the data and understanding what Mr. Al the Algorithm […]

  • Instagram Community Building Strategies with Deanna Seymour

    LISTEN ON MOBILE VIEW TRANSCRIPT If you want to have staying power on social media, you have to get social! Forget followers, likes, and other analytics, building a community on social media is how you stay relevant and create a relationship with social media that you’re not embarrassed about and allows you to be unapologetically […]

  • Why Social Media Is Not Easy

    LISTEN ON MOBILE VIEW TRANSCRIPT The good old days of posting whatever you want to every single platform are over. Now social media has turned into something more complicated. It’s turned into something that we feel almost forced to do if we want to stay relevant. That’s a big reason why people have such a […]

  • Why I’m Leaving Teachable

    LISTEN ON MOBILE VIEW TRANSCRIPT As a course creator and community leader, the best thing you can do is listen to your customers. Listening to user feedback was the reason why, after 8 years of hosting the Savvy Social School content on Teachable, my team and I decided it was time to leave. It was […]

  • Is The Social Media Algorithm Friend or Foe?

    LISTEN ON MOBILE VIEW TRANSCRIPT Mr. Al, the Social Media Algorithm is everything and a mystery all at the same time. And that can be super confusing for founders who need to get in Mr. Al’s good graces in order to grow on social media. Some days Mr. Al will be your best friend, driving […]

  • Four Social Media Experiments And The Results

    LISTEN ON MOBILE VIEW TRANSCRIPT Y’all know I love trying out new tactics and strategies on social media and reporting back to you, you know, so you don’t have to. Listen in and learn about the plan, execution, and results of my four major social media experiments of 2023 (I’m bringing the data to back […]