Savvy Social Podcast

  • How to Find Success with Reels with Becca Booker

    You hear about Instagram Reels going viral all the time — but what does it really take to make such magnetic video content? “Modern social media queen” Becca Booker’s here to share how she grew her account from 5k followers to nearly 20k (& built a successful social media marketing agency) in just two years. […]

  • How Do Social Media Managers Find Clients?

    Most new social media managers find clients on job marketplaces. But if you don’t have hours to burn competing for contracts… …try a paid course. That’s where I’ve found some of my best clients — clients who can afford my services. My secret to standing out? You’re gonna laugh! My husband loves to tease me […]

  • Data-Driven Pinterest Marketing with Kate Ahl

    What do Google, YouTube, and Pinterest share in common? They’re all a HUGE marketing opportunity for your business. Take my mom’s friend. She recently posted a photo of a chocolate-covered, heart-shaped pretzel for Valentine’s Day. Her inspiration? Pinterest. People start their buyer’s journey on Pinterest just like they do on Google and YouTube. Because they’re […]

  • Go from Sufferpreneur to 6-Hour Workday with Kris Ward

    Years of no sleep. Feeling constantly on edge, even around the people supporting you through your entrepreneurial journey. Is this YOU? What if you could shrink your 16-hour workday to just 6? And reclaim the warm individual you used to be (before you started your own business)? YOU CAN! Because productivity powerhouse Kris Ward is […]

  • 3 Ways to Stand Out on Social Media in 2022

    If you’re a coach, thought leader, or online expert — your zone of genius is helping people. But you’re also a business owner, which means you have to sell your services and knowledge. Or do you? Because the most successful passion-led entrepreneurs on social media aren’t selling. They’re storytelling! Discover how to stand out with […]

  • How to Get Discovered through SEO with Meg Casebolt

    Option 1: Spending hours on a blog that sends prospects to your website for years. Option 2: Burning hours on a Reel that disappears in 24 hours. Which would you choose? The latter, right? That’s why it’s so, so important to understand the different roles search and social media play in your sales funnel. Get […]

  • 3 Systems That Will Save Your Social Media Strategy

    Are you a free spirit? Me too! Except with social media marketing because I wouldn’t own a nearly $1-million agency, run a successful social media school, and host this top-100 marketing podcast today if… …I’d kept posting whenever “I felt like it.” That willy-nilly approach got me nowhere. And I see it stunt online business […]

  • Building Your Instagram Community with Travis Brown

    Chasing the social media gurus? Trying to be everything to everyone on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok? It’s exhausting, right? Even worse? You lose yourself along the way — and the plot. Travis Brown knows ALL about it. Because he was in the same spot before he made THIS shift & exploded on Instagram. […]