On this episode of The Savvy Social Podcast, I’m sharing my interview with Jonah Cohen of Teachable, my favorite online course platform. Living on social media is an unavoidable part of being a business owner in the 21st century. But it doesn’t have to be your whole life.

In this episode, Jonah and I discuss building boundaries to eliminate the nasty invasion of burnout in your lives so you can have a balanced relationship with social media. Allowing you to stay engaged without the added overwhelm.

In this episode of the podcast, we talk about:

  • Why outsourcing is business growth’s best friend
  • Sharing everything to sharing nothing
  • Setting hard social media boundaries
  • Social media ghostwriters
  • My digital detox
  • Connection vs. Conversion Contents

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Memorable Quotes:

  • “Since I came from the blogging world, I found content marketing to be an easy way for me to talk about what I do. And then social media would support that. So I would say, Hey, I wrote this blog or I did this podcast, go check it out. So that's kind of where I started was the information-giving. The challenges are the consistency piece.” – Andréa Jones
  • “I love that you wear that as a badge of honor, how many Instagram followers you have. Cuz we see people with a couple hundred followers making six figures a year and people with millions with no idea how to make an income off of it.” – Jonah Cohen
  • “I remember feeling completely overwhelmed by the notifications on social media. Cause I had all my clients, I had the emails, I had my handful of students and I was like having these super anxious moments where I didn't wanna open my email cuz I was like, what is someone gonna need from me today? Like, I just felt on demand all the time. And so that led to burnout for me.” – Andréa Jones
  • “I do like social media, I enjoy it, but I have to be very aware of the energy that I feel from it. And if I start feeling negative or bad, then I need to do something else.” – Andréa Jones
  • “The time limit gives you structure to be creative without the pressure of having to produce a ton of content. Because creating content on social media is a skill. And as adults we always go into these skills and go, this is easy. How hard could it be? I see everyone doing it and then we try it and we go, there must be something wrong with me.” – Andréa Jones

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