Video isn’t just for TikTok and Instagram Reels anymore!

LinkedIn may be one of the world’s most popular social platforms, but it’s still a hidden gem because of one major reason. The untapped potential of VIDEO.

Creators flood TikTok, Reels, and FB Live. But video (especially livestreaming) on LinkedIn represents an easy way for experts to carve out their own lane with less competition and the chance for engagement you would only dream of having on other social platforms.

Livestream and LinkedIn Video expert Alicia Henderson joins me today to share the secret to LinkedIn Success with video. With her tips of combining a dynamic plan and the courage to show your face online, you have the prime opportunity to become the sought-after expert in your niche and attract a whole new audience for your business.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How Alicia started her video takeover
  • Alicia’s trick to fight her “introvertness” before getting on camera
  • The ONLY way to get better and comfortable on video
  • Not being scared to show your face on camera
  • The “5-Words or Less” Bullet Point Practice
  • How to come up with an attention-grabbing hook
  • How to continue the conversation after the video ends
  • Why the time is NOW for LinkedIn Video
  • How to get Alicia’s Livestream Resource Guide

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Memorable Quotes:

  • “I can teach women how to do this as well. And I noticed the more videos that I did, the more visible I was, the more calls we got, the more money we made. So it was really that simple. You gotta show up and be visible with video.” –– Alicia Henderson
  • “Well, the one thing I do say is that we are doing business with people and not with robots or with a logo.” –– Alicia Henderson
  • “I always like to start off with a good hook or a good question or something…that goes against the grain of what other people are saying in the industry. So I always start with that because I want to make sure that my audience is getting intrigued, if not by the title of the video, by what I'm saying.” –– Alicia Henderson
  • “I also make sure that the main content is no more than three main points…One thing that I see people do is they put so much into one video, where those videos could be multiple videos, because they want to inundate the audience with so much information. Listen, people are not going to stick around for this long-winded video.” –– Alicia Henderson
  • “I've been recording video since 2007, and I still stutter over my words, forget what I'm saying. You know, all of the things that we all do, and I'm still practicing too. So every time you get on camera, you're definitely practicing.” –– Andréa Jones
  • “Or we might ask them, Hey, so what have you done since you don't have this issue? What have you done to get over that since you don't have that issue?…great because you're getting more content from them. So for me, the best call to action is let's have a conversation below.” –– Alicia Henderson
  • “Just taking that baby step towards conversation, I feel like that's easy. A lot of us can do that. Feels very low pressure and helps people know that you care about them. They are human. As you said earlier, this is human conversation. It's not a robot.” –– Andréa Jones
  • “They are really putting a huge focus on video. And they're actually trying to get other content creators from the other platforms to come up on LinkedIn and really try to turn it around because they know it's normally known as the stuffy, male-dominated platform. So they want it to be like, Hey, we want you to be seen. So as soon as you go live, boom, it's out to 20 million people in the network.” –– Alicia Henderson

About the Guest:

Alicia Henderson is a Video and Business Strategist who helps women entrepreneurs go from unknown to in-demand by leveraging LinkedIn video as a client lead magnet so they can show up with confidence to attract premium clients, scale their visibility and increase their revenue while building businesses that revolve around their families and not the other way around.

Alicia is the host of the Video Visibility with Alicia podcast which is the podcast for women entrepreneurs dedicated to all things video marketing for your service-based business. Each week she discusses easy to implement strategy plus a bit of a girl that will leave you feeling motivated and inspired.

When Alicia isn't helping women show up confidently and stand out on LinkedIn Video she's either spending time on the soccer field or volleyball courts with her daughters, running around after her toddler son, or spending time with her retired Marine husband.


Resources Mentioned:

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