When was the last time you closed a client in the DMs?

For my guest, Merel Kriegsman, sliding into the DMs and earning the sale is her superpower. No sleazy sales tactics, no badgering, and no oversharing. She’s delivering results by choosing to be unapologetically REAL, seek out deep connections, and invest time in authentic conversations.

Listen in as this advocate for women’s wealth and CEO of MK Media delivers a Mini-Masterclass on how showing up as the REAL YOU on social media can help you find your people and scale your business beyond any mass marketing tactics you have tried in the past.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How One Statement can dramatically change a life
  • The 12 Fun Facts that helped Merel find her people
  • Conversion Lubrication
  • Answering client conversations in your content creation
  • Creating micro and macro conversions
  • The beauty of Promotional Flow and how to get there
  • The benefits of providing a private online community
  • Merel’s creative upbringing
  • Getting Goosebumps while consuming content
  • The content that inspires my copywriting
  • Building relationships & Closing sales in the DMs

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Memorable Quotes:

  • “It’s been a journey…to feeling really comfortable for people to actually pay me for my insights and my suggestions and just sort of the lens with which I look at the world. And it's been a journey for me also understanding that that's actually where my brilliance lies” –– Merel Kriegsman
  • “And whenever I had a sales call with someone, they would say, I booked because we have this thing in common. I booked because I also love…when you shared this thing. I was like, oh my God, you're my people.” –– Merel Kriegsman
  • “So I love that showing up in that way can really help our listeners understand how they can apply this to their business as well. I know I shy away from it a lot. It took me years to even admit that I like erotica and romance novels. And even now, when I tell people, I just go like, I read a lot, and they're like, oh, what do you like to read? I'm like romance novels. So not quite, but you know, even just admitting it is something that creates bonds between people, which is so beautiful to see.” –– Andréa Jones
  • “In our social media content, there's like this basically endless numbers of little micro conversion moments that we can create with our content. Where they just fall in love with us just a little bit more.” –– Merel Kriegsman
  • “I'm always consuming with sort of a creator hat on to go like, Hey, if I were to create my version of this, or if I were to duplicate this strategy, but use it for this particular story, I want to tell, then I'm going to steal the strategy.” –– Merel Kriegsman
  • “Take the fitness industry, for instance. Why is it that people want to sign up for a program that's like lose 10 pounds in 10 days? It’s not the words themselves but the reason behind why people connect with that. And that's what I try to bring to my marketing, at least to like get attention and then have that element of storytelling behind it.” –– Andréa Jones
  • “But then the question also becomes, are you selling an experience, or are you selling a product? And I think that there's been a lot of confusion about that in our industry where people present something as an experience when really it's a product.” –– Merel Kriegsman

About the Guest:

Merel Kriegsman Media is a global Business Development Company dedicated to helping you become the wealthiest woman in your lineage. How? By showing you how to sell whatever you want. Whenever you want. And at whatever price point you desire.

Through offering white-glove business mentorship (or black leather, whatever you prefer) 1000+ down-to-earth luminaries (with a hunger for social & environmental justice) have experienced the financial breakthrough of a lifetime. And last year alone, they added a combined $25,000,000 in yearly revenue.

Merel has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, ABC News, Entrepreneur, etc. Spot her in the wild, reading erotic novels. Or playing with her kids on her organic farm, wearing a 1920s lace dress and rubber boots.

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