Have you ever wondered what it’s like to go viral on social media?

From the viral TikTok Curling Iron Incident to their love/hate relationship with comment sections, I invited a team of viral collaborators to spill the goods on the true life of an influencer.

Abbie Jean and Nate, hosts of The Influence: A Social Media Podcast, are usually the ones interviewing viral personalities, but in this episode, they are the ones giving an inside look at their thoughts and experiences with blowing up on social media.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The ONE THING viral creators have in common
  • How an unplugged curling iron led to a Viral TikTok moment (4 Million+ Views!!!)
  • The Funny & Cute Side vs. The Weird Side of Social Media
  • Positives vs. Negatives of Going Viral
  • What breaks Abbie Jean’s Heart
  • My worst YouTube Comment
  • How Abbie Jean and Nate promote their podcast on social
  • Nate’s unspoken “rule” for all podcast guests

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Memorable Quotes:

  • “They don’t call it the ‘For You’ page for nothing. It’s really curated for each of us. This is something different about TikTok as opposed to other platforms.” –– Nate
  • “Our partnership has really evolved in a way that we each have our strengths. I focus a lot more on the production side of things and the audio and video editing and putting together things that we can use in a marketing capacity. But I think we're both really good at sharing those things on our respective platforms and using our existing audiences to absorb that. And then hopefully we can convert them into listeners of the podcast.” –– Nate
  • “It's been really fun to reach out to these creators that I've been mutuals with, which of course going viral will show you to a large audience, which then people can find who they want to be friends with or who they relate to. So it’s been really cool to incorporate that into having them come on our show, and we get to talk to them about what it's like having millions of followers, but you're really a regular person.” –– Abbie Jean
  • “I think a lot of people put a lot of stock into going viral or having millions of followers. But I don't personally think it's all that it's cracked up to be. I mean, everyone's a person at the end of the day.” –– Andréa Jones
  • “We've seen, in most of these viral cases…the authenticity and being your authentic self and showing your true personality and not faking anything or trying to script anything, but truly being yourself and, and showing that authenticity. People can see through that, and people relate to just being yourself.” –– Nate
  • “There's no one to even go check if my curling iron’s plugged in. So I made a video, just me holding up the curling iron and saying it is unplugged. It is unplugged. And then I threw the curling iron into the backyard.” –– Abbie Jean
  • “I think that the negative part about it is definitely the comment section…you're having a perfectly regular day, and then you open it, and people can be cruel. I always say you leave the video when people start talking about you on your own video like you're not there.” –– Abbie Jean
  • “I love that kind of let it roll off your back because the internet comment sections can be a dangerous place, do not recommend. I remember receiving my first negative comment back in the day when I was on YouTube. It was one of those comments that was like, go kill yourself. I was shocked for days.” –– Andréa Jones
  • “We try to go live with everyone. Also, I try to make it clear, from the production side of things, that we, without requiring them to do anything, expect you to help us market your particular episode. We want you to reshare our social posts, and we want you to maybe mention us in a post or TikTok. And like I said, you're not required obviously to do anything. We're happy that you are coming on the show.” –– Nate

About the Guests:

Have you ever wondered what your favorite social media personalities think about going viral, their followers, or being considered an “influencer”? Wonder no more! Abbie Jean and Nate welcome popular influencers to chat about all things social media, what real life is like, and more! Let's take a peek behind the upload!


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