Savvy Social Podcast

  • Social Media for Practitioners with Joe Sanok

    Want proof that you can make money AND save time and energy by creating valuable content you can easily repurpose in multiple ways? Joe Sanok visits with me and breaks down what he’s been doing on social media, what he recommends for his clients, different ways you can reuse LinkedIn and Facebook Live content to […]

  • How to be MicroFamous with Matt Johnson

    Ever feel like you’re showing up in all the social media scenes but you’re still not booking as many clients as you want or your business isn’t growing like you thought it would? Matt Johnson shares the power of narrowing your niche, how to create impact with a small audience, why he focuses on only […]

  • The Social Media Success Framework

    2020 has tested how every business connects with clients, and social media has proven itself as a reliable and impactful resource over and over again. Want to make sure you’re leveraging social media in the most meaningful way possible? Learn the 4 stages of my Social Media Success Framework to improve your social media strategy […]

  • The Selling Staircase with Nikki Rausch

    When’s the last time you had a genuine conversation on social media? What does it feel like to have real engagement instead of just a like or a follow? Nikki Rausch breaks down how to treat social media as a conversation, the power of asking specific questions on social media, how to convert engagement into […]

  • The Power of Brand Strategy with Amanda Shuman

    Building a brand identity is a crucial cog in the business machine and influences the overall production of your content and marketing. Amanda Shuman explains how brand strategy plays into your social media plan, how she builds out her own social media strategy, the importance of keyword research for social media videos, and the power […]

  • Should You Have 1 Instagram Account or 2?

    If you have a brand or business that connects with a variety of audiences, it might seem like a good idea to have multiple Instagram accounts. But is another account what your business needs? Learn the pros and cons of creating multiple Instagram accounts, common reasons why people choose separate accounts for their business or […]

  • Facebook Groups with Alma Bradford

    Whether your business provides done-for-you-services or coaching and consulting packages, Facebook Groups present a surefire way to connect with potential clients already looking for what you have to offer! Alma Bradford experienced phenomenal success by leveraging Facebook Groups and explains how to decide if you should join more Facebook Groups or start your own, how […]

  • Discovery Calls for Social Media Managers

    Ready for more calls to lead to deals instead of dead-ends? Learn how to approach discovery and sales calls with a boss mindset using my solid 5 Point Sales Call Strategy so you can confidently close the deals you deserve! In this podcast episode, I share: How to know if you’re making calls with an […]