COVID-19 has created a lot of uncertainty for small business owners. However, it’s very possible to find strategies that boost your brand’s social media presence even as you navigate the constant changes each day seems to bring.

Garrett Woods from Fullscreen explains the different trends we’re seeing in social media growth,
some predictions for how platforms like TikTok will develop, how users are turning to private messaging on social media, the power of organic connections, and more!

In this podcast episode, we share:

  • How COVID-19 has changed how people consume media
  • Current social media trends and long term implications
  • Whether TikTok is here to stay or just having a moment
  • The growth of private messaging apps on social media
  • How marketers and small business owners can approach data sensitivity issues
  • Recommendations for information sources to understand how the social media space is changing
  • Details about Fullscreen’s Free Social Media Playbook

Listen to the episode here:

Memorable Quotes:

  • “You always see these platforms steal from the playbooks of other platforms in terms of what’s working…”
  • “Data privacy needs to be front and center…it’s here to stay.”
  • “Lead with your organic strategies and it will help inform your paid strategies without the need for deeper level data tactics.”
  • “Organically, what are people watching right now that you’ve posted? What are they engaging with from your catalogue? How can that inform your ‘go forward’ strategy?”

About Garrett:

Understanding the zeitgeist and shifting purposes of social platforms takes an understanding of how our culture is shifting, knowing why that is, and what that means for how we connect with one another in new, but oftentimes fun and entertaining ways.

As the Associate Director of Platforms at Fullscreen — one of LA's largest and well known social-first agencies — Garret Woods is tasked with just that, while also identifying ways that brands fit into the narrative. With a background in production and film, he now manages Fullscreen's Brand Group social platform relationships and works to unlock all that is possible on social for our brand clients, in this ever changing — but exciting space.

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Links Mentioned:

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Fullscreen Freebie: Small Business Social Media Playbook

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