Have you noticed Facebook’s latest updates? While some of the changes are for the better, how Facebook is adapting its approach to group content comes with legit challenges.

For this episode, I’m sharing Lesson 1 from Module 8 of the Savvy Social School’s new Facebook Savvy Course. I discuss important questions that’ll help you determine if you’re truly ready to create your own free Facebook Group, the pros and cons of free Facebook Groups, and why it’s okay to think twice before you become the admin of a new Facebook Group community!

In this podcast episode, I share:

  • Questions to consider before you start a free Facebook Group
  • My advice if you need to rethink your Facebook strategy
  • The pros and cons of starting a free Facebook Group
  • Details about the Facebook Savvy Course and Savvy Social School

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Memorable Quotes:

  • “I know some of you want to keep your business and your personal life separate but that can be a challenge with Facebook Groups.”
  • “Ask yourself this question: If I started a Facebook Group today, do I have enough influence to get 100 members?”
  • “It does take time and energy to nurture a free community.”
  • “Facebook is prioritizing Group content right now…they’re going to show that post in the feed more so than a Facebook Page post…”

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