In celebration of the 100th episode and 2 year anniversary of the Savvy Social Podcast, I’m excited to answer questions from my different social media platforms and members of the Savvy Social School.

Even better, this episode is a video podcast and has a worksheet that follows all the questions about pivoting your business, marketing, how to show up on social media, and lots more. Cheers!  

In this episode, I share:

  • What challenges my business has overcome during COVID-19
  • Advice and recommendations for scheduling and posting Instagram Stories  
  • Where to focus marketing efforts when you have fewer resources
  • What social media platform works best for service based companies 
  • Suggestions for how to advertising your podcast as entertainment vs. education 
  • Tips for making your social media content workflow more efficient 
  • What’s up with Facebook Business Page algorithms and advice about boosting ads 
  • Advice for showing up fully present and letting go of FOMO 

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Memorable Quotes:

  • “The work I’ve been doing for the past 6 years has been laying the foundation for this moment.”
  • “Your audience will come to you and will find your posts as long as you are consistent.”  
  • “Make sure your current connections are nurtured…ask a lot of questions and don’t just ask one time.” 
  • “Show up with humanity instead of focusing on being perfect.” 
  • “When thinking about your workflow, start with one piece at a time.” 
  • “Focus on who’s in front of you and what’s in front of you.” 

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