As our dependency on the digital world increases, it’s important to remember that now more than ever, people are actively searching for value-packed products and services. But how can your business provide true value when so many other businesses are trying to do the same thing?

Dr. Saksham Sharda from joins me to shed light on some of the best ways to collect data from your social media followers and how to use that data to create more interactive content, like quizzes and polls, that’ll make your people want to stick around and recognize what you have to offer!

In this podcast episode, we share:

  • How Outgrow supports social media content and marketing
  • Why user engagement is so important
  • How to integrate widgets, apps, etc. to your marketing strategy
  • Benefits of using interactive content for small business owners
  • How to protect users’ privacy and data
  • Common misconceptions about social media
  • Example of how to use a widget to get email addresses or other valuable data

Listen to the episode here:

Memorable Quotes:

  • “That's the counterbalance to being so digital and tech-focused…we don't want to feel like a number, we don't want to feel like people don't get us and don't understand our needs.”
  • “Keep your customers engaged with your content by providing a personalized value like yourself…”
  • “I would rather you spend all your research for 2 weeks producing something of real value than actually trying to post something every day or once a week.”
  • “There’s a lot of social noise because of social media…everyone just wants to be noticed and that makes it hard to be noticed.”
  • “There’s so much clutter online and what’s going to catch the user’s eye is info-graphically presented data…”

About Saksham:

Dr. Saksham Sharda specializes in data collection, analysis, filtering, and transfer by the means of interactive, cultural, and trending widgets. Interactive experiences designed by him have been featured on ProductHunt, TrendHunter, TechCrunch, NetVibes, FactoryBerlin, Digimarcon World Silicon Valley, and at The European Affiliate Summit.

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Links Mentioned:

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  • Traject Social: The world’s most complete social media management platform and my social media management tool of choice.
  • Savvy Social School: Everything you need to increase visibility, growth, and engagement on social media