Savvy Social Podcast

  • Social Media & the Coronavirus Pandemic

    Social distancing doesn’t necessarily mean social isolation, and it certainly doesn’t mean you should stop your business. More than ever, your audience needs you to connect with them in the most human way possible, so today, I discuss simple solutions on how to use your social media presence to show up and offer help where […]

  • Leadership Marketing with Lacy Boggs

    You might have tons of great content from social media or blog posts, but do you have a clear strategy that leads your audience to connect that content to what truly drives your business? Lacy Boggs joins me and explains why you don’t always have to do what everyone else is doing in marketing, how […]

  • 10 Ways a social media strategist can help your business

    It’s easy to get lost in the world of social media, and a customized social media strategy is a surefire way to guide your business where you want it to be. Today, I’m sharing the difference between a virtual assistant, social media manager and social media strategist, along with 10 valuable ways a social media […]

  • Exploring Messenger Bots with Chrystabelle Tan

    Having an email list or social media following is fantastic but neither really serve your business without audience engagement or conversions! Even though messenger bots have gotten somewhat of a bad rep, they’re excellent tools to reach your clients when used in the right way. Chrystabelle Tan stops by to explain what a messenger bot […]

  • UnComplicated Marketing with Kyla Roma

    Ever feel like your marketing strategy just isn’t getting the results you want? Learn how to prioritize marketing in a way that allows you to show up ready and excited to engage with clients instead of overwhelmed and over it. Kyla Roma joins me and shares how to identify your marketing success metrics, where to […]

  • PR & Social Media with Brittney Lynn

    When you think about PR, you might think it’s only for giant companies and well-known brands. However, Brittney Lynn explains how PR and social media work together and why connecting with the right people can really benefit your business! In this podcast episode, we share: How Brittney started her own PR business Advice for business […]

  • Social Media Sales Funnels

    Maybe you’ve already built a following on social media, but have you established a sales funnel you can confidently say converts your fans into paying customers? Believe me, a sales funnel is crucial to your social media strategy if you’re ready to increase your reach and your revenue. If you’re not sure where to start, […]

  • How to Become a Pinterest Rockstar with Cara Chace

    Chances are you’re already using a digital platform like Facebook or Instagram to build your business, but if you haven’t considered adding Pinterest to your toolbox, you should! Cara Chace sheds light on where to start when creating your Pinterest strategy, how to consider your customer’s buying journey, the best types of Pins for online […]