Having an online business takes an incredible amount of work and a willingness to recognize when you need help. Whether you’re a solopreneur trying to do it all or just now thinking about starting your online business, today’s episode is full of super helpful advice to get your business where you want it to be.

Keri White joins me and explains how to be proactive instead of reactive, the power of coaching and getting support, how she plans ahead for social media content, what creating a “good” brand really looks like, why collaboration and consistency are key to growing your business, and more!

In this podcast episode, we share:

  • The power of mindset and having a coach
  • What made Keri realize she needed a social media manager
  • Keri’s process for creating content for her brand
  • Suggestions for professional branding shoots
  • Advice for creating a brand online that looks good without being perfect
  • The power of using videos for your business
  • How Keri’s team balances social media and daily work by planning ahead
  • How to handle negativity as your online business grows

Listen to the episode here:

Memorable Quotes:

  • “Of course you can take great photos, it is instant—Instagram, but then having a message behind it, having a purpose, relating to people… I saw how I could use it for my business.”
  • “A lot of people struggle with that balance of you want to look polished but you want to be authentic, you want to put out great content but you don’t want to be too scheduled or curated.”
  • “You’re getting two people when you have a great photo and a great caption.”
  • “The reason behind using videos…is that people get to know you before they meet you……they know you, they like you, they trust you.”
  • “Bottom line is, it’s not about me. It’s about getting the content out there and helping people…let go of the judgment and just post it.”
  • “It’s not really rejection, it’s just steps to more massive success.”

About Keri:

It was an early understanding of the California lifestyle and broad worldview that gave Keri the ability to adapt and relate to a diverse roster of clients during her 15 year career in real estate. Keri’s longtime passion for real estate developed out of a desire for connecting people to the things that they love. Careful guidance, patience and persistence are trademarks that have allowed Keri to consistently deliver to her clients needs, time after time. Her clients remain the number one priority and she offers a high level of energy to grow and maintain lasting relationships, while bringing careful attention to every step of the process; from obtaining the trust of the client, getting the offer through, to negotiating the deal with a successful closing.

Keri’s clients benefit from the network of agents at The Agency, its culture and global reach as well as her extended relationships with a remarkable team of educated Realtors, experienced Escrow and Title Officers, skilled Mortgage Lenders, and an efficient office staff in order to make sure every client's need is satisfied.

Connect with Keri:

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