Savvy Social Podcast

  • Business Mindset & Social Media with Lana Hernandez

    The mind is a powerful tool. Sometimes as business owners we use it for good in creating, building, and improving on our craft. But sometimes, we wield this weapon against us and unknowingly turn our brains into weapons of destruction. We internalize emails, judge our followers, and compare ourselves to social media influencers which in […]

  • Facebook Ads for Agency Owners with Jennifer Spivak

    Sales funnels, marketing, and advertising are crucial to your business’s success, but ultimately, your customers are buying YOU. Jennifer Spivak joins me and explains how she relies on her personality for marketing, why you don’t need a complicated funnel, and the importance of knowing your ideal client very well so you can build the business […]

  • Storytelling Marketing with Lynne Golodner

    What’s the why behind your business? More than likely, you can tell the story of your why to anyone who asks, but we often forget to use that story as inspiration in our daily grind. Lynne Golodner built her business around her why and storytelling, and is here to discuss her incredible journey, how you […]

  • Social Media During an Election

    It’s no secret the 2016 US Presidential Election caused emotions to explode both in-person and online—and, unfortunately, the political drama has kept churning over the past 4 years. Thankfully, it’s not too late to take steps now to weather whatever storm the 2020 election brings! Listen in and learn why it’s important to prepare yourself […]

  • Mastering Marketing Metrics with Natasha Vorompiova

    If someone asked you to explain your social media marketing data metrics, would you be able to share which strategies are actually working for you? If you’re not quite sure what picture your data illustrates, Natasha Vorompiova demystifies marketing metrics, how the customer journey impacts marketing metrics, when to start measuring your marketing metrics, how […]

  • Disrupting the Status Quo with Maggie Patterson

    Just because your business uses social media to connect with clients, doesn’t mean it has to feel like a business only in it for the money. Maggie Patterson understands the power of building real relationships through social media and walks us through how her rebellious nature became the foundation of her personal brand, her approach […]

  • Social Media for Local Business

    Understandably, the pandemic forced many businesses, from global tech giants to small mom and pop shops, to take their business online. Some businesses are thriving while others are still trying to figure out this new digital market space. Thankfully, social media can help foster the connection local businesses need to stay relevant and ready for […]