We’ve all seen social media feeds with a clear color theme and aesthetic. However, just because a post is attractive doesn’t mean it has a clear message.

Christi Cooper explains what to think about when creating your social media designs, the 4 principles of a design that sells, what to look for when hiring a designer, and how design can inspire your audience to action instead of just making your posts look pretty!

In this podcast episode, we share:

  • What inspired Christi to shift her social media strategy to include more participation in groups
  • Christi’s process for creating connections on social media
  • How design and social media work together
  • What to consider when creating your social media designs
  • 4 Principles of a design that sells: attractive, compelling, clear, easy
  • Suggestions for hiring your own designer
  • Details about Christi’s free assessment for your sales page

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Memorable Quotes:

  • “I always think of those social media posts as something that is often like that first impression you’re making to people.”
  • “A lot of people think consistent means it has to look the same. And it doesn’t have to look the same, it just has to have the same vibe of your brand throughout all of your touchpoints with your target audience.”
  • “If someone’s looking at your post for the very first time and has never seen any of your content before, they should get it.”
  • “You definitely want to err on the side of clear vs. cute. People have short attention spans and if they don’t understand something, they’ll just move on.”

About Christi:

Christi Cooper is the designer and creative strategist behind Cooper & Heart Creative where she works with service and education focused businesses to help them up-level their brands by creating sales pages, websites & branding they LOVE so they can feel confident, connect with their people, and make more sales.

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