Savvy Social Podcast

  • 6 Ways to Simplify Your Social Media Scheduling Process

    This episode is dedicated to anyone who has ever experienced decision fatigue. Deciding what content to post on your social media can be overwhelming if you don’t already have a plan in place. Today, I’m sharing the exact steps from my Savvy Social School to help simplify your social media scheduling process and to make your life easier!

  • How to Combat Overwhelm and Negativity on Social Media

    Although many people view social media as a way to build community and connection, a lot of stress and overwhelm is related to social media, as well. Social media is surrounded by a constant barrage of conflicting opinions and fake people. Negativity is a perfectly normal, perfectly valid reaction to have with to social media.

    So how do we combat negative feelings and still use social media as a tool to help our business thrive? Today, we dig deep and think about how to navigate through the negative feelings of social media and still be successful.  

  • The Basics of the Social Media Sales Funnel

    Getting strangers to buy from us can be a challenge and can even feel, well…..yucky. It is rare to have a viewer see your ad and immediately make a purchase but in this episode I break down my four step strategy to converting more viewers into listeners and buyers.

    So buckle up, I’m talking all about the basics of a Social Media Sales Funnel.