People are naturally wired to connect with one another through story and today we’re discussing how to tap into that power to create authentic content that is aligned with your audience's needs, but also, your needs as the business owner as well!

We’re uncovering exactly why storytelling is a must have in your marketing strategy and how to implement it into your social media going forward.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How storytelling differs from a content strategy
  • The first steps to uncovering your story
  • The unconventional question to ask that helps you find alignment
  • The difference between posting when inspired vs posting out of obligation

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Memorable Quotes:

  • “…We become magnetic because we are so confident and authentic.”
  • “Story is the foundation, and the content is the layer you put on top.”
  • “What do you want people to say about you behind your back?”
  • “Nobody else is thinking about you not posting as much as you are think they are”

About the Guest:

Erin is a digital Visibility & Story strategist specializing in helping entrepreneurs and small businesses find and refine their path to revenue via Story, Visibility and modern, online, sales strategies.

She is an award winning journalist, blogger, consultant and strategist. She owns Erin Trafford Inc., which encompasses two digital properties:, a six-figure lifestyle blog and, a coaching and consulting company.

She has worked with dozens of brands across North America; including Giant Tiger, Home Hardware, and Staples Canada, to create and develop content and influencer marketing campaigns.

She now fuels her joy and passion working with new, emerging and seasoned digital entrepreneurs to unleash their Stories and the power in their content.

She offers exclusive 1:1 coaching, group programs and accelerators. I also run an active and engaged all-female digital business membership and mentorship called The Strategy Collective.

When you work with Erin as your coach and mentor, you get all of her – hook, line and sinker. She brings her years of experience as a professional storyteller to you, her diverse background in multi-media and digital content creation and her success building multi six-figure digital service based businesses (including her own!)

Oh – and she’ll give you real numbers, real figures, and real data upon which you can build your digital business. None of that airy fairy, beat around the bush stuff.

She’ll tell you if your idea has legs. She’ll call you on b*s and she will also be your biggest cheerleader throughout your time together and beyond.

Erin’s role is to help you uncover, tell and leverage YOUR Story.

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Resources Mentioned:

Download 77 Story Prompts free resource