Savvy Social Podcast

  • How to Combat Overwhelm and Negativity on Social Media

    Although many people view social media as a way to build community and connection, a lot of stress and overwhelm is related to social media, as well. Social media is surrounded by a constant barrage of conflicting opinions and fake people. Negativity is a perfectly normal, perfectly valid reaction to have with to social media.

    So how do we combat negative feelings and still use social media as a tool to help our business thrive? Today, we dig deep and think about how to navigate through the negative feelings of social media and still be successful.  

  • The Basics of the Social Media Sales Funnel

    Getting strangers to buy from us can be a challenge and can even feel, well…..yucky. It is rare to have a viewer see your ad and immediately make a purchase but in this episode I break down my four step strategy to converting more viewers into listeners and buyers.

    So buckle up, I’m talking all about the basics of a Social Media Sales Funnel.

  • How to Manage a Large Facebook Group with Eden Fried

    Ever wonder how to grow and maintain a buzzing online community? Building a Facebook group is a super easy way to do that. I know that I adore the Facebook group community that I’ve built up in the past year which is why I was super excited to chat with Eden Fried. Eden manages a group of over 15K people. That’s a lot of people! Listen in to today’s episode for tips, tricks, and first-hand advice on how to manage a large Facebook group.

  • The Power of Relationship Marketing

    The Power of Relationship Marketing

    Would you rather focus on having a one-time customer or a customer for life? I’ll take the customer for life, please! But what does it take to get a customer for life? In today’s podcast episode, I’m talking all about how relationship marketing ties into this concept. Listen in for: What relationship marketing is My […]

  • Why You Should Invest in Social Media

    Six years ago, I got side-eyed when I told my corporate leadership class that I wanted to work in social media as a career. That was just six years ago! Today, in 2018, there still are some lingering questions to the value that participating on social media can bring to your business. That’s why today, […]

  • How to Use Voice Technology in Your Marketing with Dr. Teri Fisher

    Isn’t it interesting how we use voice technology in our everyday lives? Just the other day, I asked Siri how to spell something. I also use her to set timers, reminders, and for some absolutely silly stuff as well.

    With the ease of simply asking our tech devices to do something, is there a way use this technology as a marketing tool?

    In this episode, I dive in with the leading voice technology expert Dr. Teri Fisher.

  • How to Prepare Your Social Media for the Holidays

    The holidays are oftentimes a huge sales driver for most businesses, no matter the size. But where do you begin when it comes to successfully driving web traffic and gaining sales during this fruitful season?

    In this podcast episode, I detail how you can effectively create a social media marketing campaign for any holiday.

  • How to Attract Clients Using Facebook and Instagram Ads with Dayhanna Acosta

    Our businesses thrive on clients. The survival and success of our ventures are built on establishing, maintaining, and growing a customer base that loves what you do, buys from you, and shares your offerings with a friend.

    In today’s episode, I sat down with Dayhanna Acosta, a client attraction specialist, to talk about how to attract the right people to your business using Facebook and Instagram ads.

  • How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Podcast

    You Need Listeners… And I hear you loud and clear! If you’re anything like the other 500,000+ active podcasts that exists out there, you’re always looking for new and active listeners. Well, I want to give you some guidance on how to do that in today’s episode. Listen in for: How to optimize your social […]