For today’s episode, I’m talking with Jeremy Enns about what it’s like to create and cultivate an online community. It’s important to have the right people making the right connections, so we’re sharing tricks on how to use your content and online space to curate a culture you believe in.     

In this podcast episode, we share:

  • Jeremy’s career path to podcasting
  • The role of social media in Jeremy’s business
  • How Jeremy established a unique online culture
  • The benefits of a curated Facebook group
  • Why Jeremy remains an admin but uses group moderators
  • The importance of allowing connections to happen organically
  • The power of clarifying the values you want for your online community   

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About Jeremy Enns:

Jeremy Enns is the Storyteller In Chief of Counterweight Creative, a podcast agency helping share the stories of everyone from billion dollar companies you’ve definitely heard of, to creative solopreneurs you probably never will (but who are absolutely crushing it!). He is the co-creator of the world’s first and only ice cream podcast, and will always look back on the day he finally saved up enough money to buy the Millennium Falcon Lego set as one of his proudest achievements.

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