7 Ways to Promote Your Podcast in 2019

Podcasting is awesome! I’ve worked with podcast clients for several years and it’s been so much fun watching the podcast industry evolve and explode. Podcasting is a great way to connect to a larger audience and I’ve got a few suggestions to help your podcast reach more people!         

In this podcast episode, I share 7 ways to promote your podcast:

  • Post about your podcast on your social media accounts
  • Leverage relevant communities online  
  • Link your podcast inside a blog post—either your blog or as a guest post
  • Use Quora to provide answers with a link to your podcast   
  • Create a corresponding YouTube video for your podcast episode
  • Create an email list and use it to connect with your audience
  • Be a guest on other podcast shows   

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How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Podcast

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