How Much Time To Spend on Social Media

As a society, we spend so much time on social media—it can be a huge time suck! It’s so easy to mindlessly scroll through everyone’s pictures and posts. I know it may seem crazy, but as a business owner, entrepreneur, podcaster, or blogger, you really only need to spend 2-3 hours TOTAL per week on social media. I promise it’s doable and today I’ll explain how to spend that time as strategically as possible!   

In this podcast episode, I share:

  • Aspect 1 of Social Media Time: Content creation tasks
  • Aspect 2 of Social Media Time: Growth strategies
  • Strategic Tip 1: Give yourself one hour a week to create content.
  • Strategic Tip 2: Spend 10-20 minutes a day on different growth strategies.
  • Strategic Tip 3: Use a task management tool and turn off all social media notifications.
  • Strategic Tip 4: Choose ONE platform to use.

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