I’m so excited to talk with Lisa Orkin! Lisa is actually one of my clients I initially met through social media when she was looking for someone to handle her Instagram. We discuss the ins and outs of using social media to tell your story. Our conversation also serves as a reminder we are all human, and social media is quickly becoming the perfect place to be imperfect and share your vulnerability and personality more authentically.

In this podcast episode, we share:

  • How and why Lisa began the Project Woo Woo Podcast
  • The value of sharing your authentic self on social media
  • Using your own life as a guide to create material
  • The power of vulnerability and connecting with others
  • How video translates to creating your brand online
  • The shift from perfect social media stories to real, human lives
  • What to include for powerful storytelling on social media
  • Advice for how to share personal, vulnerable posts for the first time
  • The significance of your daily struggles

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Meet Lisa Orkin

Lisa Orkin is a comedian, actress, and writer who has worked at places like The Comedy Store on the Sunset Strip and she starred in several award-winning indie films alongside the likes of Adam McKay and Shira Piven.

While she is leaving her own unique and indelible mark on Hollywood, Lisa has also been writing, producing, and voicing award-winning radio spots and podcasts as the Creative Director at Radio Ranch. She's the Host and Creator of the Project Woo Woo podcast.

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