Have you fallen in love with Instagram Reels, or does it feel like a forced blind date? (this time courtesy of Instagram)

Whether you love it or hate it, Reels is here to stay. But there is a way to use Reels to work for your schedule, your business, and more importantly, your personality.

Lily Womble, Dating Coach and Owner of Date Brazen, has the goods on how you can turn your Instagram Reels experience into a productive and motivating relationship that can help increase your following and increase your ability to serve your target audience.

Listen in on this great conversation as Lily shares her journey from babysitter, to New York Theater Performer, to Top National Matchmaker, to a now successful dating coach featured in the likes of InStyle, ABC News, and Oprah Daily. Lily breaks it down as she helps you develop a healthier relationship with Instagram Reels, your potential partners, and yourself.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How a side gig she didn’t know existed changed her life
  • The 6 Microcosms of Dating
  • How long it took for Lily to show up as her authentic self on Social Media
  • How a business coach shifted her mindset as an entrepreneur
  • The Brazen Breakthrough Transformation program
  • The Value of belonging to a community
  • Her reluctance to use Instagram Reels until I told her THIS
  • How made-up stories in our minds can be the greatest hindrance to our progress
  • How a Reel that received 27,000 views in 3 days only took 5-minutes to make and post
  • Where Lily gets inspiration for her Reels
  • Permission to not be perfect on Reels
  • Lily’s batching process for recording Reels
  • The emotional labor of social media
  • Why she doesn’t use the word “BUT” in her social media copy, and what she replaced it with

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Memorable Quotes:

  • “I was no longer going to be in the box. I was no longer going to accept so little from my romantic partner. And when I did that, it shifted my matchmaking world because I realized that I and my clients needed a deeper solution than a first date.” — Lily Womble
  • “I, with them, started to build the solution that we needed, to know our deeper preferences, to set courageous boundaries, to ask for what we want courageously, to show up more fully in our dating and love lives to attract more. And that has to do with rebuilding neural pathways about our own worthiness.” — Lily Womble
  • “This idea of wherever we're showing up in the space that we're trying to show up, whether it's dating or even social media, this damper that we put on ourselves, on our personality, because we're afraid of what other people will think. And we're afraid of other people's reactions. Especially those of us who are socialized as women, right?” — Andréa Jones
  • “I launched this course not knowing anything about launching, not knowing anything about social media, not knowing anything about building an audience, and I didn't sell a single seat. So I think that I was showing up trying to, with every stage of my growing business, grow out of the idea that someone else is the answer to my problem.” — Lily Womble
  • “I'm glad that you talked about some of those common issues that we all feel when it comes to social media. The perfectionism. The stages of clumsiness. I do feel like as business owners and adult humans, we feel like it should be perfect. So when we show up to social media, and it's not, we end up spinning our wheels trying to get there. 15 hours in Canva. We've all had those days.” — Andréa Jones
  • “I felt so much anxiety about, oh, I didn't reach enough people. Well, what if 80 people were in my house right now? That would feel like a lot of people. So how can I frame my brain to be celebratory of the people that did receive the message when I put it out there, as opposed to shaming myself for not having a bigger reach or a more viral Reel? So it just became about permission giving.” — Lily Womble
  • “Her work has really changed my life. And she talks about this idea that rest feels like shit if we are addicted to work. Isn't that so true and real? I expect rest to feel luxurious and wonderful. So why would I take a nap? Do I feel like I'm a bad person? Rest is necessary, and it probably is gonna feel like shit for the first couple of times or many times that you try it.” — Lily Womble
  • “I burnt myself out so hard in 2021 because I thought I had to be launching. I felt so much scarcity. I thought I had to create a course. So many shoulds. And in 2022, I really want to shed the shoulds and have more fun. Which means fewer launches, which means more ahead-of-time planning. I hired my first employee. I had contractors, but I hired my first employee this past six months. So there's a lot of shedding the shoulds and also getting more support.” — Lily Womble

About the Guest:

Lily was a top matchmaker at the largest firm in the U.S. After matching hundreds, she realized that with coaching, women could become their OWN expert matchmaker to find better dates for themselves than anyone else ever could. Now as the founder of Date Brazen, she’s helped hundreds of women around the world build badass dating lives that lead to extraordinary relationships through unconventional coaching and transformative community.


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