There’s no denying these past two years have turned the world on its head—including social media. Because these platforms are, after all, society’s mirror.

How can you stay relevant?

Use these 6 tactics to harness the shifting tides of social media in 2022.

In this episode of the podcast, I talk about:

  • 4 trends for social media marketers and business owners to watch in 2022
  • The simple tactic TikTokers are using to blow up right now (& you can too)
  • Short vs. long content: what's winning in 2022?
  • The TikTok tactic that makes selling cold audiences on your content waaay easier
  • Why breaking this social media marketing taboo is your ticket to TikTok success
  • The 2022 prediction that'll save you time on content creation
  • #1 shift that’ll make it easier for your business to get in front of new audiences next year

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Memorable Quotes:

  • “In the past year or two, the state of marketing has changed. It is wild how rapidly online marketing has changed. It has suddenly become very noisy and crowded.”
  • “TikTok literally changed the scope and the state of social media.”
  • “The brands that have very simple concepts—and the brands that are focused on building that big personality that's memorable—are winning right now.”
  • “When it comes to social media, you have three seconds to capture someone's attention, and they're moving on looking for more content. Consumers are more discerning because there are more options out there for them.”
  • “I personally love social media marketing. It's so different from a radio ad or a billboard where you just see it and you think, “that's nice.” Whereas with social media, you can actually interact with it. You can leave comments.”
  • “That understanding is what builds communities. It's creating its own language. It's creating its own way of participating and interacting. It's creating its own rules.”
  • “For businesses, there's a shift away from brands being brands and a shift towards brands being media and marketing companies.”

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