Savvy Social Podcast Episode 167 - Copy Stalking

How do you own your client’s voice on social media? Or keep your own brand voice consistent across all your social channels?

Copy stalking.

This tactic has rocketed our clients’ social media engagement and conversions. It’s flooded our inbox with referrals. It drives everything we do at the agency. And it’ll make your life 180% easier.

Are you ready to become a dangerously good copy stalker? Because my Senior Account Managers join me to share with you what it takes: from tracking down copy across marketing channels, to hunting for the words and catchphrases that make the brand voice unique, and uncovering key definitions of success and challenge.

Plus, 6 other social media tactics we can’t live without—and you won’t either after you listen to this episode of the podcast.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Our must-have tool for giving your social media strategies legs (and keeping them running!)
  • The 5 Pillars of Content Framework that take the guessing—and stressing—out of creating your social posts.
  • How to keep your content fresh with a “Living Social Media Strategy”
  • Why engagement metrics don’t tell the whole story about what’s working (and what’s not) in your social media marketing strategy
  • The #1 Reason behind your social media burnout
  • What it takes to prolong the lifespan of your client relationships (hint: not just good work & results)

This Episode Was Made Possible By:

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Memorable Quotes:

  • “Don't overthink social media; it's supposed to be fun.”
  • “On the outside looking in, you're like, ‘well, maybe these posts aren't performing well,’ but if you look at different metrics—they are.”
  • “There is no one-size-fits-all social media strategy. Every business is different. What success looks like for your business might look different than somebody else's.”
  • “Our clients are people, and people can be insecure. It's part of our job to take care of that side of them: the emotional side, the side that stresses out about how to make an Instagram Reel.”

About the Guests:

Meet our team of social media rockstars…

Lianne Fernandez
The “OG account manager” who’s been with us since day one! Lianne helped us perfect our copy stalking tactics waaay back in 2016. And today, she’s still slaying social media strategy for our clients from her home office in Manila.

Katy Fann
A true “metrics maven.” Katy can troubleshoot any social media strategy from her home-base in Tennessee.

Diodi van der Berg
Beaming into meetings all the way from South Africa, Diodi’s an ace at client management, keeping cameras rolling and clients smiling.

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