Savvy Social Podcast

  • Social Media For Introverts with Tara Reid

    LISTEN ON MOBILE VIEW TRANSCRIPT As introverts, the idea of putting yourself out there on social media can feel overwhelming. But fear not because my special guest, Tara Reid, The Introvert Coach, has some valuable insights and strategies to share with all of you shy business owners out there. Tara shares her journey from starting […]

  • Let’s Create Your Holiday Season Sales Strategy

    LISTEN ON MOBILE VIEW TRANSCRIPT From Halloween to New Year’s, the holiday season is the perfect time to give your busy life an infusion of fun and excitement. It’s the time when you can reflect on everything you accomplished throughout the year and catch up on missed quality time with friends and family. But here’s […]

  • Stop Being A Platform Loyalist (Here’s 5 Reasons Why)

    LISTEN ON MOBILE VIEW TRANSCRIPT These social platforms ain’t loyal, so why should you? I always recommend getting started on one platform, but if you’re ready for your next level of growth, being platform agnostic may be the key. And I want to show you exactly why in this week’s episode. I’m sharing my five […]

  • Taking The Unconference Approach at The Savvy Social Retreat

    LISTEN ON MOBILE VIEW TRANSCRIPT Let’s go behind the scenes and hear the story of creating an unconventional leadership retreat. The Savvy Social Retreat is taking the unconference approach to help business leaders reshape their perspectives and expand their horizons while not forgetting to make time for a heavy dose of rest and relaxation–the perfect […]

  • Why Instagram Reels Isn’t That Far Behind TikTok

    LISTEN ON MOBILE VIEW TRANSCRIPT Instagram is definitely showing some younger sibling vibes while trying to keep up with big brother TikTok. But clearly, IG is taking some good notes because Reels is helping businesses and content creators make big moves toward getting discovered and reaching a fresh audience. If your business is on IG […]

  • Which Social Media Platform Is Right For Your Business?

    LISTEN ON MOBILE VIEW TRANSCRIPT No founder wants to fall into the trap of spending more time being a pseudo-social media manager than actually running their business. But this is a trap too many biz owners, especially newbies, fall for when trying to decide how to best use social media to grow their business. They […]

  • What Happens After You Go Viral with Dr. Julia Colangelo

    LISTEN ON MOBILE VIEW TRANSCRIPT Is going viral and instantly gaining tens of thousands of followers your goal? If so, my guest, Dr. Julia Colangelo, professor at Columbia University and founder of Hello Flow, might change your mind. After going viral on Instagram, Dr. Colangelo saw the dark side of social media, and it became […]

  • How To Use The Instagram Algorithm To Your Advantage

    LISTEN ON MOBILE VIEW TRANSCRIPT One of the biggest challenges founders face when using Instagram is all the options. It’s super confusing and overwhelming when you’re trying to decide if you should focus on Reels, Carousels, Stories, Threads, and allllll the other options. After diving into the data and understanding what Mr. Al the Algorithm […]