Facebook Ads have changed a TON in the past 12 months. And as business owners, it can often feel overwhelming to even know where to start.

If you’re considering diving into the world of Facebook Ads, you’ve got to treat it like any other new tool that you learn to use in your business. And as an adult, sometimes we don’t want to learn new things. We just want to KNOW, you know? But unfortunately, it takes time to get the hang of it.

The good news? You don’t have to start from 0.

In this episode of the podcast, I sit down with Julie O’Hara, the resident Facebook Ads Specialist at OnlineDrea Inc., to talk about:

  • When business owners should consider starting a Facebook Ad strategy
  • How to measure success with your ads.
  • How to navigate some of the latest updates with ads
  • Some of the new features like Instagram Reels Ads
  • The importance of building a customer journey around your ads

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Memorable Quotes:

  • “For small business owners, I think it means you just have to look at your whole customer journey a lot more carefully.”
  • “If you have an offer, a product, a service, a course, a coaching experience that people are regularly buying, then you're ready for ads.”
  • “When you first start with ads, give yourself both time and budget for testing.”
  • “If you're getting leads at a cost that you're happy with, then it's working, but sometimes it doesn't work right away. So you might need to test different audiences.”
  • “People don't want to go onto social media and be sold to, they want to have fun. And so if you can make your content look and feel organic and still create a relationship with people, then that's a really good way to win.”

About the Guest:

After learning to run ads for her previous health coaching business, Julie shifted to full-time Facebook Ads consulting in 2019. Helping online business owners use the most advanced advertising tools available to grow and reach new people is endlessly rewarding for her.

Julie specializes in list-building, launching and evergreen funnels for small and medium-size businesses. She also loves teaching other service providers how to run ads for clients. You can reach out to her by email at julie@heartsandbrainsconsulting.com.


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