• 3 Ways to Stand Out on Social Media in 2022

    If you’re a coach, thought leader, or online expert — your zone of genius is helping people. But you’re also a business owner, which means you have to sell your services and knowledge. Or do you? Because the most successful passion-led entrepreneurs on social media aren’t selling. They’re storytelling! Discover how to stand out with […]

  • 3 Systems That Will Save Your Social Media Strategy

    Are you a free spirit? Me too! Except with social media marketing because I wouldn’t own a nearly $1-million agency, run a successful social media school, and host this top-100 marketing podcast today if… …I’d kept posting whenever “I felt like it.” That willy-nilly approach got me nowhere. And I see it stunt online business […]

  • 3 Reasons to Create Less Content in 2022

    Spending hours creating fresh content for social media? Stop. Because that’s not how to grow your audience anymore. Discover how to get better results with less content using the “Digital Brain” social media strategy in this week’s episode. In this episode of the podcast, I talk about: The algorithmic shift that’s making social media easier […]

  • How to Grow & Manage Your Social Media Community

    Community building is a central part of growing a sustainable business, especially in the early stages of starting a business or when you’re still using organic growth methods. Building an online community using social media is very similar to dating in some ways, especially if you’re an introvert. While we would like to just sit […]